Our Approach

Tires are confusing and truck tires even more so. That’s why we aim to give real info about real tires for real people.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge to make smart tire buying decisions so you purchase tires that are the best for your needs, vehicle and driving environment.


For every review and list we combine numerous factors to help you make the best choice.

Expert Opinion – First and foremost, we rely on our team’s expert opinions gathered from reviewing tires for over three decades. Our editors can distill critical specs and features, compare them to other options on the market, and give expert advice on why a tire may (or may not) be right for you. They can read through the marketing jargon and give you the real world truth about a tire.

Research – We meticulously research every tire for every review. This means analyzing specs, digging deep into features, materials, construction and more. It also means real world testing of as many tires as we can.

Trusted Third Party Ratings and Consumer Reviews – A democratic approach can also be helpful and so we will also rely on trusted third party ratings as well as real world testing from consumers. While we might test an all-terrain tire in a dusty and dry climate, we’ll take into account what other test results show from, for example, a muddy climate. Combine with our expert opinions and research we’re then able to deliver the best possible advice.


Reviewing MOre Than Just Truck Tires

Yes, we don’t just review “truck tires.” Because really: what is a truck tire?

We definitely review conventional truck tires, like mud-terrain and all-terrain tires. But let’s not forget about highway terrain tires and all-season tires for all sorts of different vehicles. Plus there are high performance tires and even tires for electric vehicles. And with the growth in SUVs and crossovers, exactly what classifies as a truck, or a truck tire is always changing. So for that reason we test and review tires the apply to everything from a Ford F-250, to a Honda HR-V to a Tesla Model X.

Our Story

There are plenty of tire review sites on the internet, but no one really focuses on tires for trucks, SUVs and crossovers. As a result, there’s a lot of attention paid to niche high-performance tires and not enough attention given to real tires for real people. Fed up looking for solid reviews of truck tires, we decided to create our own site to do just that.


Meet the Team


Tom Don

With a love for classic cars, Tom found himself behind the wheel of an SUV years ago and now he’s hooked. With a love for adventure and decades worth of tire tech under his belt, he leads our team of expert editors. Tom learned to be handy out of necessity, fixing old beaters in his garage and learning from his neighbors. Now he wrenches for fun and is always eager to help anyone out with a do-it-yourself project.


Get Some New TIRES…

Yes, we want you to buy some new tires for your truck, SUV or crossover. But we don’t want you to buy just any tires. We want you to buy the right tires. So start reading our latest truck tire reviews.