Tires aren’t cheap. Especially not the good ones. So while you’re carefully picking out your new tires, be sure to know what deals are out there.

Top tier brands often run special rebates and deals. Look for special seasonal offers, on winter or summer tires, or around the holidays.

Also keep an eye out for rebates and other offerings, like pre-paid credit cards. These can be quite lucrative, with offers u to $100 off to sign up – although getting yet another credit card might not be the best overall decision.

Below, check out our up-to-date list of some of the best tire deals to be found online.


At any given time there are at least a half-dozen tire deals available at Tire Rack. These range from a percentage off, to rebates, to incentives if you sign up for a Tire Rack or tire-branded credit card.

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Black Friday Tire Deals

You can get some impressive deals on tires during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The timing conveniently coincides with peak winter tire buying season, so it’s a great time to get new winter tires and not overpay when you’re doing so.

You’ll find some of the best deals at online retailers like Tire Rack and Discount Tire, but don’t forget to check out Goodyear, which is the only manufacturer to sell directly to consumers via its website. And they usually offer some impressive deals ranging from $100 to $200 off. For 2022 they’re actually offering a deal that could save you up to $300 on certain tires.

TireRack Black Friday Tire Deals

Goodyear Black Friday Tire Deals

Amazon Prime Day Tire Deals

Amazon Prime Day for 2022 has been announced and it’s coming soon. Get ready for some great deals on tires and autoparts starting July 12th and running through the 13th.

Deals actually start as early as June 21st this year, with regular deals rolling out in the weeks leading up to Prime Day.

Watch this space in the coming days for some of the best deals on truck tires.

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Numerous other detailers will be looking to get in on the Prime Day action. Or, they’ll be looking to compete with Amazon on those days.

Check out the best deals from Discount Tire here and the best deals from Priority Tire here (including their 5% bonus discount for veterans). And of course, be sure to check out the latest wheel and tire deals from Tire Rack here.

Truck/Jeep Deals on Parts and Accessories

If you’re looking for more than tires (everything from suspension kits to accessories) we recommend our partner 4WheelParts. Check out their full list of current deals and save here.

If you’re hunting for Black Friday Tire Deals, click here!

Firestone Tire Deals

If you’re hunting for specific Firestone tire deals or Firestone coupons, one of the best bets is TireRack. They keep an up-to-date inventory of current deals by brands. Right now, Firestone is offering up to a $90 rebate on select tires including the Destination A/T, Destination A/T 2, Destination LE2, Destination LE3, Destination M/T2 and Destination XT as well as the Firehawk AS, GT and Indy 500 until July 5th. See here for details.

Many Firestone tire rebates involve a factory-direct rebate so you get reimbursed directly from Firestone, no matter where you bought the tires. To do so, and to check on current deals, see their rebate page here.

Michelin Tire Deals

Despite being the most sought after tire brand, Michelin regularly offers deals, discounts, coupons and rebates to help make your purchase decision even easier. The Michelin Tire Rebate program is available through numerous online retailers and generally includes anywhere from $50 to $75 back after you make a purchase and submit your proof of purchase via their dedicated web portal. Currently Michelin is offering $70 back via a pre-paid Visa card. See the best Michelin tire deals here.

Goodyear Tire Deals

Goodyear generally offers aggressive deals on tires, including up to $75 off a set as well as an additional $125 off if you signup an use the Goodyear credit card. For specifics on how much of a rebate there is on which tires, see here.  Currently the best deal is on the new Assurance ComfortDrive, while some of the larger deals are available on more premium tires like the Assurance WeatherReady or Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar.

For a limited time, Goodyear’s most aggressive offer includes a total of $225 off select sets. The most up-to-date info can be found on their own site, here.

Continental Tire Deals

Like many tier-one tire brands, Continental offers both rebates and additional incentives if you opt to make a purchase using their credit card. Until the end of June, the latest Continental tire rebate includes $70 back via a prepaid Visa card. That offer doubles if you opt for the Continental credit card. For a full list of which tires the deal applies to (and to make a purchase), see here.

Pirelli Tire Deals

Saving big on Pirellis isn’t something you can often do so if you’re looking to maximize the performance of your ride, check out the deals here. Currently the best deal going is for $70 off. That’s not a great deal, but you’re unlikely to find a much better one on Pirellis.

Bridgestone Tire Deals

Another brand people are always on the hunt for a deal on is Bridgestone. Top tier brands always cost more, but if you can save big then it’s like getting a set of high quality tires for the price of a budget set. See here for the latest Bridgestone Tires Deals. Plus, save up to $100 on Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires here.

National Tire and Battery Deals

With over 600 locations National Tire and Battery does more than just sell tires (and batteries). With certified ASE technicians they can fix almost any issue on your vehicle.

They also offer a lot more than just deals on tires. You can find everything from discounts on service, to rebates on air filters and coupons for oil changes!

See up-to-date NTB coupons and NTB’s latest deals here.