Federal Tires Reviews

Unheard of just a few years ago, Federal Tire continues to push into the North American market and currently offers a strong lineup of truck and SUV tires, as well as a long list of passenger car tires too.

Based in Taiwan, the company operates the Federal brand as well as the Hero Tires brand, which is sold in China.

Far from being a new company, it was founded in 1954 and began exporting tires in 1965. More recently it has worked to make a name for itself in the US, UK, Japan and Australia by sponsoring drifting, time attack and rally car racing teams.

When it comes to light trucks and SUVs, Federal Tire offers a total of eight different models – as well as a version of it’s Himalaya winter tire for SUVs.

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Federal Tire offers the Xplora and Couragia lines of tires, with the Xplora built more for day-to-day use.

In the mud-terrain category the Xplora M/T is a fully capable mud-terrain tire, while it’s obvious from looking at the notchy tread pattern of the Couragia M/T that it’s the brand’s ultimate off-road offering.

In the All Terrain segment, the same can be said, with the Couragia A/T delivering superior off-road traction while the Xplora A/T is designed for off-road use, but is also a livable on-road tire.

Bucking this trend is the Couragia MTS, which is built to look like a true off-road tire but is actually designed more for on-road use. It’s ideal for those who have a wildly modified SUV or Jeep, but who don’t actually intend to take it off-road and need superior on-road grip instead.

The Couragia FX is for those looking for longer tread life and a quieter ride, while the Couragia XUV is built for premium SUVs and crossovers, with high-performance grip, cornering and stopping power in mind.

Finally, there’s the MS357 H/T is a slightly less performance-oriented tire than the Couragia XUV and is designed to deliver more grip in the wet.

Federal Winter Tires

When it comes to winter tires, Federal offers a rather extensive selection with six different models. Under the Himalaya sub-brand, there’s the Himalaya Kattura, Himalaya Iceo, Himalaya WS2 and the Himalaya WS2-SL for passenger cars. For SUVs, there’s the aptly named Himalaya SUV. Finally, for commercial vehicles there’s the Glacier GC01.

Federal Tires aren’t as easy to find as a lot of other brands out there, but one reliable source for a full range of their products is Priority Tire. You can shop for their full lineup of products here.