Kenda Tire Reviews

Well-known for it’s bicycle and dirt-bike tires, Kenda also makes a selection of tires for trucks and SUVs.

In fact, Kenda offers a full line of passenger vehicle tires, although it’s no surprise that their light truck offerings make up more than half of them. All of these tires fall under the brand’s Klever line.

Starting at the brand’s least-aggressive offering is the Klever S/T, which is an all-season model built for on-road performance and really designed for modern crossovers. Moving up the lineup is the Klever H/P, which is a higher performance version, again built for SUVs and crossovers. Then there’s the Klever A/P.

Moving along into the off-road performance category is the Klever A/T, a well-rounded all-terrain tire with plenty of on-road manners too. Plus, it’s a rare A/T tire that comes with a 3-ply sidewall for added off-road protection.

Taking matters into the extreme is the Klever M/T, with huge treads and plenty of open space to evacuate dirt and mud. It’s an ideal tire for true off-roaders.

Then there’s the Klever R/T, which brings together many of the best features of the A/T and M/T (including the 3-ply sidewall) with true winter performance. It’s designed to be studded as well, and might just be one of the best-looking off-road tires on the market.

Finally, a surprising offering in the Kenda lineup is the Klever H/T2. While most of Kenda’s truck offerings are built for off-road grip, the H/T2 is designed for quite the opposite. It’s made for trucks that spend their time on the highway and need a tire that will last. To back up those claims it comes with a 50,000 mile warranty for LTR sizes and a 60,000 mile warranty of p-metric tires.

Kenda Tire Reviews

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