Nexen Tires Reviews

A Korean tire manufacturer that’s been around for more than 70 years, the brand first operated under the name¬†Heung-A Tire Company and then¬†Woosung Tire before changing to Nexen in 2000.

Nexen offers a full lineup of tires for passenger cars, performance vehicles, as well as light-trucks and SUVs. The brand also has a small selection of winter tire options.

In the SUV/truck segment, Nexen offers the Roadian sub-brand with seven different options.

The brand’s newest option is the Roadian GTX, which is an all-season touring tire aimed at long life and boasts a 70,000 mile warranty.

Focusing more on performance, the Roadian HP is a performance tire for trucks. An ideal aftermarket upgrade for plus-sized tires on trucks and SUVs, it’s also a decent replacement option for premium and performance brand luxury crossovers.

The Roadian HTX RH5 is a highway terrain tire. Merging the features of an all-season with an all-terrain tire, this means the tire offers decent off-road grip with better on-road dynamics, comfort and quietness. It also comes with a solid 65,000 mile treadlife warranty (40,000 for LT tires).

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Taking the grip up a notch is the Roadian AT Pro RA8. This all-terrain tire offers deep tread with plenty of void to help the tire self-clean. It also gets a 50,000 mile warranty (40,000 miles for LT sizes).

And topping the Nexen Roadian lineup for off-road performance are the Roadian MTX Roadian MT. Both mud terrain tires, the MT offers just a little more off-road capability.

And finally, one SUV/Crossover option not under the Roadian sub-brand is the NFera RU5. This is an all-season tire designed for modern compact and mid-size crossovers. While technically not a high-performance tire, with its smooth ride and plenty of grip, it’s an ideal tire for premium/performance crossovers.

Nexen Tires Warranty

All Nexen tires come with a limited warranty, with a guarantee to replace any tires that are deemed defective in materials/workmanship within the first 2/32-inch treadwear or the first year. After the first 2/32-inch treadwear and until 6 years from the date of purchase, Nexen will replace any tire deemed defective on a pro-rated basis.

Many Nexen tires come backed with a 45-day/500-mile money-back guarantee, as well as 36-months of roadside assistance.

And perhaps best of all, Nexen offers a Road Hazard Warranty, and will replace any tire that’s cut, popped or damaged as a result of nails, glass or potholes within the first year of ownership.


Nexen Tires Reviews

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