Maxxis Tire Reviews

Maxxis Tire takes its expertise in creating off-road tires for ATVs and UTVs and has applied it to making some impressive off-road and all-terrain tires for trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

With no less than 12 different tires available for light-trucks and SUVs, Maxxis also offers three extreme off-road tires. There’s a lot of choice, and almost as many different line names, which can make shopping for Maxxis tires rather confusing. But don’t give up. We’ll try to explain it all here.

On the lighter side of the spectrum is the Escapade CUV, which as the same suggests is designed for crossovers and really isn’t any sort of all-terrain tire. Instead it’s focused on on-road performance. The Bravo HP-M3 is also built for crossovers, but is designed to be less performance-focused. Then there’s the Bravo Series HT-770, which is designed more for towing and hauling on-road.

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Next in the Bravo lineup is the Bravo Series MA-751 which is more of an entry-level all-terrain tire with mediocre performance on and off-road. You can then level-up to the Bravo Series AT-771 which delivers improvements on- and off-road, for a more premium price.

Finally in the Bravo lineup is the Bravo Series MT-753, which is a mud-terrain tire.

Before we dive more deeply into the extensive Maxxis Tire mud-terrain lineup, there are two more offerings for on-road performance. First is the Marauder MA-S1, which fits into the ultra high performance tire category followed by the Marauder II MA-S2 premium ultra high performance tire. Both are designed for luxury crossovers and SUVs that put the sport in sport utility.

Shifting back to the mud-focused lineup we start with the Bighorn MT-762 and Buckshot Mudder II MT-764 .

Finally there’s the Razr MT, which sits as the flagship mud-terrain tire. And from a brand that specializes in mud-terrain tires, that’s saying a lot.

New for 2020 is the Razr AT, an aggressive new high-performance all-terrain tire, that’s also built to be liveable on-road and last.

Maxxis also manufactures a line of tires for motorcycles, with expertise in off-road adventure touring tires and dirt bike / motocross tires. It’s also a highly respected brand in the world of bicycle tires, again, specifically in the off-road / mountain biking segment.

Maxxis Tire Reviews

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Maxxis Tires Warranty

Below is a list of all Maxxis tires that come with a factory mileage warranty.

MA-202 50,000 miles
MA-P1 40,000 miles 55 series
MA-P1 50,000 miles 60/65/70 series
MA-T1 100,000 miles T-rated sizes
MA-T1 60,000 miles V-rated sizes
Bravo HP-M3 70,000 miles H-rated sizes
Bravo HP-M3 60,000 miles V-rated sizes
Bravo HP-M3 50,000 miles W-rated sizes
Escapade CUV 60,000 miles
Bravo MA-751 40,000 miles non LT sizes only
Bravo HT-770 60,000 miles non LT sizes only
Bravo AT-771 50,000 miles non LT sizes only
RAZR AT 50,000 miles LT sizes
RAZR AT 60,000 miles P-metric sizes

Where are Maxxis Tires Made?

Maxxis manufactures all of its tires in plants located in five countries: Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

Are Maxxis Tires Made in America?

No, Maxxis does not currently produce any of its tires in the United States.