Hankook Tire Reviews

Hankook is a South Korean tire company and the seventh largest tire manufacturer in the world. It’s known for a strong motorsports presence as well as strong off-road tire offerings at very reasonable prices.

It offers eight different tire models for light-trucks, SUVs and crossovers, several of which are winter tires.

The Ventus S1 EVO2 is a performance tire for SUVs and crossovers, which puts the focus on better fuel economy as well as improved braking performance in wet and dry conditions.

Hankook’s Dynapro lineup represents its off-road focused offering, so any Hankook tire with that name is designed for use on trucks. The Dynapro HP2 is similar to the Ventus S1 EVO2 in that it is designed for high performance and luxury SUVs and mostly for on-road driving, but does put slightly more focus on off-road grip.

Next comes the Dynapro HT is what is known as a highway-terrain tire, meaning that while it does have some all-terrain characteristics, it’s also designed more for on-road comfort, fuel economy and grip. It is mud and snow rated, but that doesn’t make it a truly capable winter tire.

Next is the Dynapro AT-M. Based on just the tire tread alone it’s obvious this is a true all-terrain tire and yet it manages to combine maximum wear length with more durable sidewalls.

And topping off the Dynapro lineup is the MT model.

Moving into Hankook’s winter tire lineup, there’s the Winter i*cept evo2 SUV tire, which is designed to be a high performance winter tire for SUVs – especially performance and luxury models. Then there’s the Winter i*Pike RW11 studded tire for SUVs.

Hankook Tire Reviews

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