Michelin Tire Reviews

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and that is definitely true with Michelin. If you’re hunting for a bargain, look elsewhere.

But if you understand that value means paying premium for the best you can get, then Michelin tires is the brand for you.

However. When it comes to truck tires, specifically off-road truck tires, Michelin might not actually be the brand for you.

Why? Well, because Michelin owns BFGoodrich Tires, and BFG manufactures rubber rollers focused on all-terrain performance.

Instead, look to Michelin if you’re the owner of a high-performance or luxury utility vehicle or SUV. Michelin’s options for these increasingly popular vehicles are hard to beat. And there are a lot of them.

The Michelin Latitude Sport is just such a tire. This ultra high performance (UHP) tire has decent handling but exceptional braking capability – ideal for heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, because it is a UHP tire, tread life is sub-optimal.

Another option is the Latitude Sport 3, which improves on the standard model with slightly better fuel efficiency.

Yet another option in the Latitude lineup is the Latitude Tour. It was create for a purpose. And that purpose isn’t performance, on or off-road. Unless, that is, your definition of performance is in how many miles per gallon you’re getting. Michelin estimates that you’ll save up to 82 gallons of fuel over the life of these tires.

Keeping this Latitude tire theme going is the Latitude Tour HP. An all-season performance tire it’s designed for better handling than the standard Tour model, but also with impressive fuel economy in mind.

Slightly less aggressive than the Latitude Sport or Sport 3, but more versatile for regular use, is the 4×4 Diamaris performance tire for SUVs and crossovers. It’s designed for great wet and dry on-road performance. Need more proof? It comes equipped on any of the world’s best production SUVs.

The LTX M/S2 is an on-road focused light truck tire designed with long tread life in mind.

The LTX A/T2 is a more capable version of this tire, built for all-terrain performance – even if the rather dull tread pattern doesn’t suggest it. It’s built to resist chips, tears and punctures and is built to withstand off-road punishment while still delivering better than average fuel economy, noise and on-road performance.

Perhaps the most versatile choice of all is the Defender LTX M/S. An all-season tire that adds Michelin’s Evertread compound for a more durable tread meaning it’s built to last mile after mile after mile after, well… you get the picture.

Another option, for those looking for a quieter ride is the Primacy XC. It offers a quiet and long-lasting on-road performance for today’s trucks, but manages to add in off-road capability too. It’s available in just two sizes for popular truck applications.

A new option for 2019 is the Premiere LTX, which offers the brand’s new EverGrip technology, which is designed to deliver segment-leading wet weather braking, even after half of the tire’s life.

Michelin Winter Tires

Moving into the winter tire segment, first up is the Latitude Alpin LA2. Built for SUVs and CUVs its best feature is its impressive braking capability.

But if your winter climate is one where ice is a bigger concern, it’s best to have the right tool for the right job. And that tool is for many years was the Latitude X-Ice Xi2 (which is also available in a run-flat option).

UPDATE: Michelin has recently rolled out the X-Ice Snow model to replace the Xi2 and Xi3 with the same high levels of ice-grip with significantly improved levels of on-snow traction.

A final winter tire option is the Pilot Alpin 5. The Pilot name is synonymous with performance when it comes to the Michelin brand and so expect a lot from these tires. Manufactured in just a few sizes, they’re available in huge rim diameters with ultra low profile sidewalls for today’s ultra high performance SUVs.


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Michelin Tread Life Warranties

Below is a list of all Michelin light truck tires as well as the specific mileage warranties associated with each.

Defender LTX M/S T,H All-Season 70,000 miles
Defender LTX M/S R All-Season 50,000 miles
LTX M/S2 T,H All-Season 70,000 miles
LTX M/S2 R All-Season 50,000 miles
Latitude Tour S,T All-Season 65,000 miles
LTX A/T2 R,S,T All-Season 60,000 miles
Premier LTX T,H,V All-Season 60,000 miles
Primacy LTX T All-Season 55,000 miles
Latitude Tour HP H,V All-Season 55,000 miles
Latitude Tour HP W All-Season 45,000 miles
Latitude Tour HP ZP H All-Season 30,000 miles
Primacy XC T All-Season 55,000 miles
Primacy XC R All-Season 40,000 miles
XPS Rib Q All-Season 60,000 miles
XPS Traction Q All-Season 50,000 miles
4×4 Diamaris V,Y Summer 25,000 miles
Latitude Sport 3 H,V,W,Y Summer 20,000 miles
Latitude Sport V,W,Y Summer 20,000 miles
Pilot Sport 4 SUV H,V,W,Y Summer 20,000 miles

Why Are Michelin Tires so Expensive?

Michelin tires cost a premium for numerous reasons, including both brand reputation/prestige and legitimate performance advantages. As with any tier-1 brand, you pay extra for the name knowing (or in many cases assuming) you’re getting a superior product. While that’s not always true, Michelin does have a reputation to withhold and continues to innovate to stay at the top of the industry. More recently Michelin has begun to commit to tires that maintain their performance over the full life of the tire. Winning an industry test on a new set of tires isn’t enough, Michelin wants you as a consumer to have that same level of performance and safety over the full life of the tire. This type of innovation is what you are paying for.

Are Michelin Tires Worth the Price?

This, in many respects, is up to you as a tire customer. While many folks will be happy with an average product, some prefer the very best. And to be honest, we all want the very best, we just have competing priorities and limited budget. In our opinion, as these tires are the only thing holding you to mother Earth at 65 miles an hour, off-roading in the middle of nowhere or carving your favorite corner, we thing it’s worth paying the premium for the absolute best!

Michelin Inovations

In 1891 Michelin patented a bicycle tire with a removable inner tube. In 1930 they did the same for cars. In 1933 the company invented the winter tire and in 1946 the radial tire. More recently in 2019 it showcased the Uptis puncture-proof tire. Beyond all that, did you know that the famous Michelin star restaurant certification is run by the very same Michelin tire company. This was created along with the Michelin guide to promote travel. Oh, and Michelin even invented the foldable accordion-style travel map.