You might know them for their tires, but Continental AG makes pretty much every other part you can find on a modern car, from bake systems to electronics.

A leader in the passenger tire industry, Continental Tires offers a total of seven different models to make sure you have a tire perfectly suited to your truck, SUV or crossover. In particular, Continental specializes in performance tires for luxury utility vehicles, that offer off-road capability as well as superior on-road performance.

In terms of off-road performance, the TerrainContact A/T is the height of capability for Continental.

The CrossContact LX20 is a unique truck tire in that it is designed for maximum fuel economy in mind.

The CrossContact LX is a well-balanced tire for trucks, utility vehicles and crossovers, providing a decent balance of treat life, quiet operation and all-season capability. Continental also makes an LX Sport model designed more for highway use. It is not recommended.

Instead, those searching for better on-road performance should look to the CrossContact UHP. With lower treadwear but better grip it’s best suited to performance SUVs.

The 4×4 SportContact’s tread pattern gives it away. This is not intended for any real off-roading. Instead it’s built for on-road grip. There’s a reason it comes equipped from the factory on the Porsche Cayenne.

For a slightly less aggressive on-road tire that delivers better off-road performance, look for the 4x4Contact tire.

Continental tire has been operating in North America since 1997 when it purchased General Tire. Continental Tire also owns Hoosier Tire.


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Continental Tires Warranty

In addition to specific milage warranties on specific tires, Continental’s standard limited warranty provides

At the same time, Continental offers its Total Confidence Plan, which owners of new tires can opt into when hey register their tires on the Conti website. This plan is lucrative and provides plenty of support, including a road hazard warranty for up to one year or the first 2/32-inch of treadwear, whichever comes first. During that period Continental will replace tires damaged in a road hazard (like running over a nail) free of charge.

Second, the plan also includes three years of roadside assistance with a flat-tire change or up to a 150 mile mile tow.

In addition, it also includes a 60 day replacement guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your tires.

Below is a list of all Continental light truck tires that come with a mileage warrant as well as the specific milage listed.

  • Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus 50,000 miles
  • Continental Cross Contact LX S&T rated 65,000 miles
  • Continental Cross Contact LX H&V rates + LT-sizes 50,000 miles
  • Continental Cross Contact LX 20 70,000 miles
  • Continental Cross Contact LX25 H&T rated 70,000 miles
  • Continental Cross Contact LX25 V rated 65,000 miles
  • Continental Terrain Contact HT 70,000 miles
  • Continental Terrain Contact HT LT-sizes 60,000 miles
  • Continental Terrain Contact AT 60,000 miles

Who Makes Continental Tires?

Continental manufactures its own tires at 13 different plants in 12 countries around the world, including one in Mt. Vernon, IL. This plant came online as General Tire, which was acquired by Continental in 1987.

Continental’s tire division is one of the company’s six global divisions, under the parent company Continental AG.

In addition to General Tire, Continental also owns and operates plants for the Viking and Barum brands, as well as Uniroyal in Europe.