Continental PureContact LS Review

Designed to improve the performance of luxury sports sedans and SUVs, the Continental PureContact LS is a premium tire built for grip, comfort and long life.


  • Overall performance
  • Comfort
  • Good warranty and long tread life


  • A touch pricey


With five rows of tread blocks, the center section on this tire is quite wide, enabling excellent stability at speed. There are four large circumferential grooves to evacuate water and large channels on the exterior tread blocks to assist. There’s even a solid amount of siping on the tire to assist in gripping during the occasional light snowfall.

Designed to suit premium sedans and crossovers, Continental made sure the tire design is extra quiet and boasts that this tire is 50% quieter than the outgoing PureContact model.

It’s also built with an internal structure designed to better absorb bumps in the road, to enhance an already comfortable ride.

For a premium tire it comes with a healthy warranty of 70,000 miles. This represents a 23% improvement in tire wear over the previous PureContact tire. And more miles is always a positive.

To help you gauge the effectiveness of the tire, the letters “D, W, S” are stamped into the tire tread as wear indicators. Standing for Dry, Wet and Snow, once a letter wears off, that’s an indication that the tire’s grip in those conditions is no longer optimal.

We also love the built-in Total Confidence Plan (see warranty section below) which is the sort of feature that tells you how well Continental understands luxury drivers.

This tire comes extremely highly rated by real owners. At Discount Tire, with over 200 reviews it has a 97.6% recommendation rate and is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars!

Continental PureContact LS Price

Pricing for the Continental PureContact LS ranges from roughly $115 per tire for a 16-inch size and goes up to approximately $220 per tire for  20-inch size. Retailers may sell for less.


Continental PureContact LS Warranty

Continental backs the PureContact LS with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty.

It also comes backed by the brand’s Total Confidence Plan that includes a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, three years of roadside assistance to change a flat tire or 150 miles of towing and finally a 12 month road hazard warranty. If your tire is damaged in the first year o ownership (as a result of a road hazard like running over a nail, or damaging the tire from a deep pothole) Continental will replace the tire free of charge.

Continental PureContact LS Sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

19-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

Are Continental PureContact tires good?

Making big promises in terms of performance, comfort and long life the Continental PureContact LS delivers on all fronts. A high-tech tire that delivers a lot for a very reasonable price, the PureContact LS is absolutely worth your money.

Is the Continental PureContact LS Good in Snow?

We rate this tire as above average for winter grip (for an all-season tire) but only for a short period of time. The D, W, S markers on the tire wear away as the tire no longer becomes ideal for performance in the Dry, Wet and Snow. With some winter grip (due to the plentiful amount of slits and edges) those features, and that performance, are the first to go. In short, we don’t recommend this for winter grip beyond it’s first year of use.