TreadWright Tires Reviews

treadwright tires reviews

You won’t find TreadWright Tires on a lot of mainstream tire shopping sites, but this made-in-America brand from Houston, Texas offers affordable tires in the truck and off-road segment using a unique technique.

TreadWright specializes in what are called remolded tires. These are not re-treaded tires and the process is more extensive than simply wrapping a structured tire in a new tread. Instead a remolded tire uses the core of an old tire and new rubber is poured into a mold and cured to produce what TreadWright says is a brand new tire.

TreadWright also claims that remolded tires has the same defect rate as brand new tires.

As an added benefit, because remolded tires are effectively recycled tires (or, more accurately, recycled rubber) there’s a benefit for the environment. As a result of using recycled casings, TreadWright claims each tire it manufactures uses just 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for brand new tires. Using 70 percent recycles material saves 40% on cost, some of which gets handed down to you, the consumer.

TreadWright offers all-terrain and mud-terrain tires in numerous different lines: Claw, Axiom II, Warden, Blemish and Guard Dog.

The Axion II AT is billed as an all-terrain, all-season and an all-purpose tire designed for use on light trucks and sport utility vehicles. The Warden is a more aggressive all-terrain model.

On the mud-terrain side is the Guard Dog. designed for off-road capability and decent on-highway driving. Taking it up a notch is the Claw II, available in 33- and 35-inch widths in 18- and 20-inch sizes.

Starting at at low as $75 per tire, these are some of the most affordable truck or SUV tires you can buy.

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