Toyo Tires Reviews

One of Japan’s largest tire manufacturers, Toyo Tires has been selling tires in North America since the 1960s. Toyo Tires is the parent company of Nitto Tires, which was founded in 1999.


Light-Truck Tires

Open Country M/T

Toyo’a most extreme off-road tire, the Ope Country M/T looks aggressive and delivers. Designed to deliver maximum grip in mud or sand, the tread design also works to spit that same mud and snow out.

Open Country R/T

A unique offering, Toyo’s R/T or Rugged Terrain tire is designed to bring the best of on-and off-rod performance tires together in once package.

Available in 15- to 22-inch sizes.

Open Country A/T II

Open Country H/T

Open Country Q/T

Celsius CUV

Toyo Tires Reviews

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