Radar Tires Reviews

Radar Tires is the flagship brand of the Singapore-based Omni United. Launched in the early 2000s to deliver affordable tires to global markets, Omni United created the Radar Tires brand in 2006.

Currently the brand offers 35 different tread patterns for vehicles, making for 1200 unique tires.

In addition to Radar Tires, Omni United also operates five other tire brands; American Tourer Tires, Timberland Tires, Roadlux Tires, Corsa Tires and Patriot Tires. Of note, Patriot Tires is the company’s line designed specifically for light trucks and SUVs. However, it should be noted that Radar Tires also offers a robust selection of truck and SUV tires too.

Highway Terrain Tires

For starters, there are four different highway terrain tires: the Rivera GT10, the Rivera H/T, the R Van and the RLT 9. The Rivera GT is actually more of a sport touring tire with fitments available for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. The Rivera H/T offers more true off-road capability, though as a highway-terrain tire is still more on-road focused. Both are available in a selection of sizes, while the R Van and RLT 9 are quite limited in sizes.

Radar All-Terrain Tires

A total of five different all-terrain tires are offered: the Renegade A/T5, Rivera A/T,┬áRLT 8, RXS 8 and RXS 9. The Renegade A/T5 is the flagship of the brand’s truck offerings, delivering the most capable and versatile package. It’s also certified for true winter driving and bears the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on its sidewall, making it an ideal offering for many trucks and SUVs that want to go off-road but also live in northern states. The Rivera AT offers much of the Renegade A/T5’s qualities, but lacks the true four-season performance.

Radar Mud-Terrain Tires

Radar also offers two mud terrain tires, the Renegade R5 and Renegade R7. While both are extremely capable off-road tires, the R5 is a race proven compound, with victories in the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 from 2013 to 2017.

The R7 takes the R5’s capabilities to the next level, with a new stone ejector technology designed to keep the tires free of stones, which over time will damage tires and cause uneven wear. For true off-roaders, it’s built with a reinforced 3 ply casing to withstand serious off-road torture testing and maximize protection from cuts and punctures. It’s also available in a good selection of sizes, including in 22-inch diameters and is ideal for lifted trucks.

Rugged Terrain Tires

Two of the brand’s newest offerings are the Renegade R/T and the updated Renegade RT+ rugged terrain tires. RT tires are a new breed of all-terrain tire that mesh the best features of All Terrain (AT) tires and Mud Terrain (MT) tires.

Both of Radar’s Renegade tires offer a rugged 3-ply construction and stone ejectors, while the tighter tread pattern (compared to mud terrain tires) delivers better on-road dynamics and stability. They also come with a unique dual sidewall, with a dagger design on one side (that’s actually functional for extra grip) and a skull and piston crossbones design on the other (just for style).

In addition, Radar Tires offers a vast selection of tires for light commercial trucks too.

Radar Tires Warranty

Some Radar tires come with a limited tread wear warranty with specific milage claims. All Radar tires get a warranty for defects in workmanship and materials and will be replaced for free within the first 2/32-inch of the tread, or within the first 12 months, whichever comes first.

With lesser known brands like Radar, we really like that the brand offers a Road Hazard Replacement Program on most tires, so that the brand will replace tires sold by authorized retailers within the first two years or 50% of tread wear for non-repairable damage like punctures. Within the first 12 months or 2/32-inch of tread wear, Radar Tires will replace the tire free of charge. After that point and up until the 50 percent or 2 year mark, Radar Tires will cover half the cost.

Many retailers offer road hazard warranties but charge you extra for them as an add-on service. We always like to see a brand back its tires like this from the factory.

Below is a list of Radar Tires with specific mileage warranties as well as the length of those warranties.

Renegade HT 40,000 miles

Renegade AT Pro 50,000 miles

Renegade AT-5 50,000 miles

RXS-8 (p-metric) 40,000 miles

RSX-9 (p-metric sizes) 40,000 miles

DMAX A/S-8 (W/Y speed rated) 50,000 miles

DMAX R8/R8+ 35,000 miles

DMAX A/S-8 (H/V speed rated) 60,000 miles

RCX-8 45,000 miles

DMAX E-Sport 1/2/3 40,000 miles

VERENTI R6 35,000 miles

DMAX A/S-6 50,000 miles

DMAX E-TOURING 1 45,000 miles

RPX-900 45,000 miles

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