Milestar Tires Reviews

If you’ve never hear of Milestar Tires, you’re not alone. But does that necessarily mean this is a brand to avoid?

For starters, Milestar Tires isn’t a fly-by-night operation. It’s actually a division of one of the world’s largest tire companies, Nankang Rubber Tire Co. Ltd. based in Taipei, Taiwan. And with 35% of the company’s revenue coming from North America, it sells a lot of tires here.

Milestar Tires offers six unique tire options for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers including the Patagonia M/T, Patagonia A/T, Patagonia A/T W and Patagonia A/T R.

Milestar also offers the Grantland and Grantland AP tires. The Grandland is an all-season tire designed for use on-road by light trucks and SUVs. The Grantland AP on the other hand adds more wet weather capability.

Back in the all-terrain category, the Patagonia A/T offers all-season performance with all-terrain capability and is designed for light-duty trucks and SUVs. The A/T W model features the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake logo, meaning it is certified as a true winter tire as well.The A/T R is what Milestar calls a rugged-terrain tire. It’s designed for use in rocks and gravel and features tread designs to withstand that type of punishment. It’s designed for all-seasons but is not a certified winter tire.

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Finally there’s the Patagonia M/T which is Milestar’s most extreme off-road tire and looks it. Designed for use on everything from rocks to mud, it’s built with a tread design to keep you moving, and tire materials to withstand the punishment.

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