Where are Milestar Tires Made?

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Where are Milestar Tires Made?

Milestar is a relatively niche tire brand that you probably haven’t heard of… which is why you’re asking yourself: where are Milestar tires made?

For starters, they’re not made in America. In fact, not a lot of tires are any more. Although if you are looking for made-in-America tires, check out our list here.

One could say they’re made in China, but that could also be oversimplifying (especially if you’re not fond of buying made-in-China tires).

The vast majority of Milestar tires are manufactured in two plants in Taiwan, which is technically Chinese… just don’t try and tell anyone from Taiwan that.

Milestar tires are a sub-brand of Nankang Tires, which is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The brand has been manufacturing tires since 1959.

With two facilities in Nankang (the city, not the tire) and Hsinfung in Taiwan, Nankang (the tire manufacturer) has been manufacturing tires since 2003 at it’s mainland China facility in Jiangsu.

In addition to truck, SUV and passenger car tires, Milestar also manufactures and distributes tires for ATVs and UTVs.

In America, Milestar tires are distributed by TIRECO, which also handles Nankang’s other sub-brands including Westlake, Geostar and Provato. TIRECO has been selling Nankang tires, as well as wheels and other products, in the US since 1972.

Nankang employs roughly 1,200 employees with annual revenues around $300 million.

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Who Makes Milestar Tires?

Simply put, Milestar Tires are manufactured by Nankang Tires, at one of two plants in based in Taiwan.

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