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WestLake Tires is a Chinese tire brand under the parent company of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co.,Ltd., the largest tire manufacturer in China and the 11th largest tire maker globally. Other tire brands that fall under the same umbrella include Goodride and Chaoyang.

In North America, WestLake Tires is distributed and marketed by Tireco, Inc., which is based Gardena, California. Tireco handles distribution for other overseas brands, including Milestar Tires and Nankang.

WestLake offers a lineup of tires, spanning the gap from passenger and performance tires, to CUV, SUV and light truck tires.

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In the brand’s Light Truck lineup, there are three specific tires, the x all-terrain tire, the SL309 Radial A/P and the crossover-focused SU318 Radial H/T.

The SL369 Radial A/T is a dedicated all-terrain tire and the brand’s most aggressive off-road offering. The SL309 A/P is an all-season tire with some off-road capability (such as dirt and gravel roads). It’s also designed specifically to hold up under the weight of pickup trucks carrying load.

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As for the SU318 Radial H/T, it’s what’s known as a Highway Terrain tire, meaning it combines the capability of an all-terrain tire with the long life and road manners of an all-season. Generally an H/T tire will give up some capability off-road in exchange for longer life.

Finally, there’s the RP18 Radial, a tire designed for passenger cars, though many fitments are available for modern crossovers.

WestLake Tire Warranty

All WestLake Tires sold in the US and Canada are covered under the brand’s standard limited warranty. This warranty guarantees that the tires are free of defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original tread (either 6 years from the date it was produced or 5 years from the date it was sold… whichever comes first). During that period the tire will be replaced if a defect is found at a pro-rated basis.

Below is a list of each WestLake Tire available with a mileage warranty as well as what that warranty is.

SU318 – 50,000 miles

RP18 – 45,000 miles

SA07 – 45,000 miles

SL309 – 40,000

SL369 – 40,000

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WestLake Tire Reviews

WestLake SL369 Review