Atturo Tires Reviews

Atturo Tires is a brand dedicated specifically to tires for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

Based in Lake Villa, Illinois, Atturo manufactures its tires in Taiwan.

While that might seem like a niche, as the market continues to grow each year, and crossovers take over from sedans for most consumers, it’s increasingly the norm.

The brand is committed to offering off-road performance that allows consumers to take their adventures off the beaten path – on a budget.

For a smaller brand, surprisingly, Atturo Tires offers a total of 10 different tire models to suit your vehicle.

The Trail Boss is Atturo’s most extreme off-road tire, followed by the Trail Blade lineup, which is comprised of three different tires depending on your specific needs: the Trail Blade A/T, the Trail Blade M/T and the Trail Blade X/T. With the M/T designed for mud, the A/T all-terrain tire is built with on and off-road performance in mind. The X/T sits as a hybrid between the two different models, and is built to deliver that off-road look with heightened highway feel and reduced noise.

As a brand, Atturo tires are better suited to those interested more in off-road looks than outright performance and capability.

While those tires are designed for off-road performance, Atturo also offers numerous on-road-focused models designed more for SUVs and crossovers, even high-performance models. The AZ610 is an all-season tire, while the AZ800 and AZ850 are ultra high performance summer tires – with the looks to match.

In addition to a commercial truck tire and a trailer tire, Atturo also makes the AW730 Ice tire – because having all-wheel drive is only as good as your ability to grip.

For more specific info on each tire in the Atturo lineup, read our Atturo Tires Reviews below.

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Atturo Tires Warranty

Below is a list of Atturo tires that come with a tread wear warranty, as well as their respective mileage.

AZ610 – 60,000 miles
AZ800 – 40,000 miles
CV400 – 40,000 miles
Trail Blade A/T – 50,000 miles
Trail Blade X/T – 45,000 miles