The Best Mud Terrain Tires

The Best Mud Terrain Tires

Picking the best mud-terrain tire is not easy. And there are a lot of different reasons to consider different tires. So take a look at our list below where we’ve given you some outright best picks, our number one pick, and a selection of other mud-terrain tires that we highly recommend, depending on your budget and needs.

TOP PICK: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

This selection might shock a few of you, but we stick by it. Cooper has long been developing fantastic off-road tires and its most recent updates moves the brand oh-so-close to being a Tier 1 tire manufacturer. It’s Discoverer AT3 lineup of all-terrain tires are almost unbeatable and the STT Pro mud-terrain tire brings a new level of innovation to the segment with a totally unique tread compound that delivers outstanding off-road grip with a touch more on-road civility (and performance) than you’d get elsewhere.

With amazing durability and a huge selection of sizes, we just can’t say enough good things about this Cooper Tire.

Priced at roughly $150 per tire to start, this might just be the best reason to opt for the STT Pros. Essentially, they’re a top-tier tire at a more affordable price.

ALSO CONSIDER: BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 Review

The successor to the amazing KM2, BFG’s Mud Terrain T/A KM3 delivers 5 percent better mud traction, 8 percent better rock traction and, perhaps best of all, is 27% more resistance to punctures thanks to even stronger sidewalls. If there’s any down side to this tire, it’s the price at $177 to start.

Best of the Rest #1: Falken Wildpeak M/T

Falken Wildpeak M/T Review


There’s not one area that makes the Wildpeak M/T stand out compared to the other tires on this list, which is why it’s in our best-of-the-rest section. It’s still outrageously capable, from a top quality brand, with a big selection of sizes. One way this Falken does help stand out is its civility on-road with very reasonable noise levels.

Best of the Rest #2: Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar


Off-Roading is practically synonymous with Goodyear’s Wrangler brand of tires and this one stands out for its technology. Infused with Kevlar, Goodyear claims the addition of this bullet-stopping material reduces the likelihood of a sidewall puncture by 35%. We can’t verify that, but we can say that owners swear buy it. It is pricey though with tires starting at over $200 a piece.

Best of the Rest #3 Toyo Open Country MT

toyo open country mt review

The Toyo Open Country MT is yet another solid performer. Off-road grip is near the top on this list, with a slight edge in snow over some of its competitors. We really like it’s ability to self-clean with large bars in the void spaces designed to clear out mud and rocks. Perhaps what makes it the most special is Toyo’s commitment to the aftermarket with a huge selection of sizes, many of which are oversized, ranging from 15- all the way to 24-inches. There are also plenty of options for 3/4/-ton and 1-ton trucks. Pricing is a limiting factor, with tires starting at over $200 a piece.

Best Mud-Terrain Tire for Liveability: Nitto Trail Grappler MT


If we can highlight one reason to pick the Nitto Trail Grappler MT over the other’s on this list, it’s the tire’s slight edge in overall on-road performance. Maybe you don’t care about that and will sacrifice every last ounce of livability for extra off-road grip. And if so, good on you. Still, if something a touch more civilized is more your style, Nitto has a tire for you.

Best Mud-Terrain Tire on a Budget: Kenda Klever M/T

kenda klever mt review

An above-average mud-terrain tire at the sort of price you’d expect to pay for a garbage tire. We really respect what Kenda has to offer with the Klever M/T and the value is pretty unbeatable, at just $120 per tire to start.

Best Mud-Terrain Tire With a Warranty: Maxxis Razr MT


Maxxis RAZR MT Review

Is it the best tire on the list? No, but the Maxxis Razr MT is far from a dud and it offers something none of the rest do: an actual milage warranty. We always point out in our reviews of mud-terrain tires that while they don’t come with a milage guarantee, that’s not surprising as none of them do. Except there is ONE mud-terrain tire that does and you’re looking at it. With genuinely decent off-road grip, and a budget-focused starting price of just $125 per tire, the Maxxis Razr MT gets a 40,000 mile tread wear guarantee.


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