Patriot Tires Reviews

Patriot Tires is one of several brands offered by Omni United, a Singapore-based tire manufacturer that launched in 2003.

Omni United’s flagship tire brand is Radar Tires, while it also sells tires under the American Tourer, Timberland, Roadlux and Corsa brands.

The Patriot Tires division was launched in 2016 and specializes in tires for light trucks and SUVs, with specific focus on all-terrain tires.

Currently the Patriot Tires brand offers six unique tires for different purposes and most of them carry surprisingly simple names. Starting off the lineup is the All Season, which is what you’d expect – a comfortable all-season touring tire. Next is the All Season RB-1+, which offers more grip and performance. Getting into more of the true truck tires is the Patriot H/T, an all-terrain tire that’s primarily for highway use with long life in mind.

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The Patriot A/T is a true all-terrain tire, for solid performance for occasional off-road use. Next comes the Patriot M/T, a dedicated mud-terrain tire. And finally there’s the Rugged Terrain tire, which brings together the capability aspects of an all-terrain tire, with a mud-terrain tire. Boasting off-road performance and looks, with daily driving capability, it’s similar in many ways to the current offerings from Fury Tires.

Over the past few years Omni Tires has made a push to acquire several tire distributors in the United States offering consumers access to Patriot Tires via 15,000 retailers. Perhaps the easiest way to buy Patriot Tires, however, is online through one of our trusted retail partners like Priority Tire.

Omni Tires is perhaps most famous for launching the Timberland Tires brand in 2014, in partnership with the Timberland apparel and footwear brand. Those tires are made out of recycles Timberland boots.

Currently Omni United sells over 5 million tires a year in 80 different countries.


Patriot Tires Warranty

Patriot Tires backs all its tires with a standard limited warranty. This applies to defects in materials and workmanship. Any tire deemed defective in the first 2/32-inch of tread wear or the first year of ownership (whichever comes first) will be replaced free of charge. Mounting and balancing fees are not included.