Cooper Tire Reviews

While it might not be a household name when it comes to passenger car tires, in the truck tire industry Cooper Tires is a serious player. The brand manufactures a full line of truck tires and produces all of them in the USA.

With over a dozen tires for trucks, SUVs and crossovers, Cooper Tires has numerous options for everything from performance/luxury SUVs and crossovers to off-road-focused trucks and true SUVs.

When it comes to trucks, for the Discoverer line of tires, there’s the A/T3, HT3, AT3 4S, AT3 LT, AT3 XLT, S/T MAXX, STT PRO, X/T4, A/T W, S/T and M+S.

As for crossovers and SUVs, Cooper offers the ZEON LTZ, Discoverer SRX, CS5 Ultra Touring, CS5 Grand Touring, CS3 Touring, Discoverer A/T3, Evolution Tour, Discoverer AT3 4S, Discoverer X/T 4, Discoverer A/T W, Evolution H/T, Discoverer H/T Plus, Discoverer True North, Evolution Winter, Weather Master WSC and finally the Discoverer M+S again.

It’s worth pointing out that Cooper Tire manufactures its tires in the USA. For a list of what other tires are made America, see here.

Cooper Tires Reviews

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