Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw Review

Purpose made for winer, but also purpose made for crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, the Cooper Discover Snow Claw is as durable as it is capable.


  • Excellent winter traction on snow and ice
  • Long lasting durability


  • Limited sizes
  • Reasonably pricey


Durability is an important element here as the softer compounds used for winter tires often mean they can chunk and fall apart more easily. This is particularly true on larger vehicles.

In particular, some winter tires actually wear away the siping on the tread quite early in the tire’s life, so while there’s plenty of tread depth, a lack of siping means there’s a real lack of winter grip. Based in Ohio, Cooper knows winter and they understand you need a tire that offers high levels of traction when it’s cold, year after year. And that’s what these tires are designed to do.

The tread pattern looks rather conventional but does have a few unique traits. First up is the center tread rib, which is actually consistent around the full length of the tire. By connecting these tread elements, highway stability and turn-in response is improved and some of the flex that’s more common in a winter tire has been tuned out – though not entirely. This connection also gives the tire some added ability to hold up better under acceleration and braking, particularly on larger, heavier vehicles.

In addition, between the exterior tread blocks and the rows just to the inside of them, the sides of those blocks are actually serrated. This “Snow-Groove technology” is just another technique to help give maximum winter grip.

Overall, Cooper designed the tread of the Discoverer Snow Claw with tread blocks that are more densely packed together. This not only helps maintain tread life but also serves to work with the siping on the tread to grab hold of snow. (Winter tires, it should be noted, give their grip in snow by trapping snow against the tread and using it as a friction surface against the snow on the road).

With excellent snow traction, the siping and tread compound deliver great grip on ice or clear, cold roads as well. Ad if you desire next-level grip, the tires are made to accept 11mm (TSMI #12) metallic studs.

If there is one major drawback to these tires it’s that the availability of sizes is extremely limited, something we’re quite surprised at considering Cooper’s expertise in making truck tires.

Overall, these tires are an excellent winter option. They don’t perform quite to the levels of some of the top tier options, but those generally cost about 20 percent more. And these do an impressive job, while offering that level of grip year after year.

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw Price

Due to limited sizing, pricing for the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw doesn’t vary much, with the most affordable 16-inch sizes retailing for about $200 while the larger 18-inch size for roughly $225.


Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw Warranty

As a dedicated winter tire, the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw does not come with a milage warranty. It is, however, covered by Cooper’s standard limited warranty. Cooper will replace tires free of charge if they are deemed to be defective for either materials or workmanship during the first 2/32-inch of tread wear. After that point, Cooper will replace defective tires on a pro rated basis. In addition, Cooper offers a 45-day test drive guarantee on these tires.

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw Sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sies

18-inch sizes