General Tire Reviews

While most tire brands are best known for their passenger car tires and their truck tires are more of a side business, General Tire has had its best success when it comes to selling owners of trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

And with the massive industry shift in North America away from sedans and into crossovers, General Tire is a growing concern. Plus, with affordably-priced options and a great tire warranty even on its off-road tires, General tires are a solid option for those who value, well… value!

A division of Continental Tires, General Tire is focused on off-road tires and with a smaller product lineup, it’s simple to understand. And rather than have different sub-brands for their off-road tires, all models fall under the Grabber umbrella.

First up is the Grabber A/T X.

The Grabber X3 is a mud terrain tire that prioritized off-road over on-road performance. Plus, if the tread pattern didn’t say enough, the raised red lettering makes it really stand out.

The Grabber APT has a less aggressive tread pattern, which in part results in a quieter on-road operation. It’s also built for year-round operation in all weather conditions.

Finally, the Grabber AT2 is available. It’s a durable all-terrain tire with a rugged yet simple design. Built to minimize on-road noise, it features a unique self-cleaning tread design and is rated for severe weather, including snow.

More than just all-terrain tires, General Tire also offers a full lineup of more on-road capable rubber, including several options for modern light-trucks, SUVs and crossovers. Included in this list is the Grabber HTS60 review below.

General Tire Reviews

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General Tire Warranty

Below is a list of all of the tires General Tire offers with a specific milage guarantee and what that specific warranty is.

Altimax RT 70000 miles
Altimax HP V-Rated 40000 miles
Altimax H-Rated 55000
Altimax RT43 T Rated 75000
Altimax H & V Rated 65000
G-MAX AS-03 40000
G-MAX AS-05 50000
General Grabber APT 60000
Grabber HTS S & T Rated 60000
Grabber HTS H & V Rated 45000
Grabber HTS LT Sizes 45000
Grabber HTS60 S & T Rated 65000
Grabber HTS60 H Rated 50000
Grabber HTS60 LT Sizes 50000
Grabber AT/X Excludes LT and Flotation 60000
Grabber AT/X LT and Flotation Sizes 50000
Grabber AT2 (Excludes LT and Flotation) 60000
Evertrek RTX (USA) T Rated 75000
Evertrek RTX H & V Rated 65000
Exclaim HPX A/S V Rated 65000
Exclaim HPX A/S W Rated 50000

Are There Any Rebates on General Tires?

Tire rebates on any tires vary by brand and season. As a rule of thumb, however, look for deals during long weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day, the 4th of July or other major sales events like Black Friday. Rebates for General Tire or any other brand can most easily be found by checking the current deals pages on Tire Rack here including a $70 prepaid Visa gift card or Discount Tire here. General Tire also offers special deals for General Tire credit card holders. Find out more here.

Are General Tires Any Good?

Generally speaking (see what we did there) General Tire offers quality tires at a more budget-focused price point. A sub-brand of Continental Tire, the latest advancements in tire technology usually take a few extra years to trickle down to General’s products. As a result, however, you tend to get a quality offering that would have been considered industry-best just a few years prior.

General Tire uses state of the art testing, design and manufacturing. The tires are backed by solid tread life warranties, though often about 5,000 miles less than the Tier 1 brands like Continental or Michelin.

General Tire also has a reputation for making impressive truck and off-road tires, with excellent capability and durability for reasonable prices.

And speaking of price, that’s always an important factor to consider. While a General Tire might not be the best tire available in any particular segment, for a lot of drivers it is the best tire at their price point!