General Grabber APT Review

The General Grabber APT fits into an emerging category of all-terrain tires that are commonly known as highway terrain tires. What does that mean?

Well, let’s dig into it.


  • Impressive 60,000 mile warranty
  • True winter performance
  • Price


  • There are more capable offerings
  • Dry weather grip isn’t as impressive as some HT tires


For starters, a highway terrain tire is very much what it sounds like. It’s an all-terrain tire that’s also built for highway driving – or should we say more highway driving. AT tires have always been built for on-road performance, though early versions were as noisy and uncomfortable as most mud-terrain tires these days.

In short, it’s a tire that is capable as an all-terrain tire (though not nearly as capable as dedicated AT tires) but that favors on-road performance factors like ride quality, on-road grip, comfort and, perhaps most of all, treadwear. As a result, HT tires like the Grabber APT often come with impressive treadwear warranties. The Grabber APT is no different, boasting a 60,000 mile guarantee.

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The tread design of the Grabber APT is both complex and simple. There are three major tread sections, with two circumferential grooves for evacuating water. The large middle tread section is made up of an intricate design for added off-road grip, while the pattern is close-enough together to act as more of a single unit, providing a stable on-road footprint. This, in particular, allows the tire to track nicely on the highway, compared to many all-terrain tires with large knobby tread blocks that bend and flex on the freeway and don’t provide much confidence. The wide center section also allows for a more even wear over time, which is one of the reasons General Tire can offer the warranty it does.

For moderate on-road performance this works well, but when pushed the flex is more obvious, and dry weather grip is less than what you’d find on a conventional touring all-season tire.

It also makes use of General’s DuraGen Technology tread compound, which is designed to withstand chips and cuts from off-road use.

The Grabber APT is, however, more than “just” a highway terrain tire. One feature it boasts that you won’t find on any Highway Terrain tires is the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, meaning this is a true, certified winter tire as well!

Overall this tire is extremely well-rated by owners with a 4.6 out of 5 rating on General Tire’s own website and a 4.4 out of five on Discount Tire.

What vehicles does the General Grabber APT Fit On

  • Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500
  • Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Expedition
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Nissan Titan
  • Toyota Tundra, Sequoia

General Grabber APT Price

Pricing for the Grabber APT starts at around $120 per tire for a 16-inch size and tops out around $220 per tire for a 20-inch option, making it quite a bargain when it comes to all-terrain tires.


General Grabber APT Warranty

As mentioned above, the Grabber APT is backed by a 60,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. It also gets General Tire’s standard limited warranty as well as a 45 day satisfaction guarantee.

The Standard Limited Warranty covers materials/workmanship and General Tire will will replace the tire is fault is found for the first year or first 2/32nds of an inch of treadwear. After that period, all General tires are covered with a pro-rated replacement amount that lasts for the first 6 years or the final 2/32nds of tread depth.

General Grabber APT Sizes

16-inch sizes


17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes
60 265/60R18*

20-inch sizes

22-inch sizes

* Denotes 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake designation, certifying these as true winter-capable tires

General Grabber APT vs ATX

The Grabber APT and ATX represent two of General Tire’s more capable all-terrain options. Of the two, the APT is more street-focused. The center tread section is more densely packed with less void space. This makes it less capable on loose surfaces, but does offer superior on-road driving dynamics.

The APT also features more densely packed shoulder lugs for better cornering capability, while the ATX offers deeply sculpted exterior tread blocks (on every second block) to give additional off-road grip.

The APT also comes with an extra layer of padding below the tread for added on-road comfort.

Both come with a 60,000 mile tread life warranty, although the ATX is available in LT fitments with a 50,000 mile warranty as well.

Is the General Grabber APT Any Good in Snow?

We rate the Grabber APT as above average for its class when it comes to winter grip. It’s plentiful amount of biting edges paired with siping gives it comes genuine capability in snow and as a result it does come certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall. It’s not as capable as a dedicated winter tire but offers significantly more traction than a conventional all-season.

How Many Ply is the General Grabber APT?

The General Grabber APT comes with a 2-ply sidewall, which is typical of all-terrain tires. In terms of the load rating, it’s available in a variety of plys, including 10-ply / Load Range E options for trucks.