Cooper Zeon LTZ Review

Catering to a unique crowd, the Cooper Zeon LTZ combines all-season practicality with the looks of both an all-terrain and a high-performance summer tire.


  • Great looks
  • On-road performance
  • Off-road grip
  • Premium Limited Warranty (see below)


  • No mileage guarantee
  • Mediocre wet weather grip
  • Limited sizes

But this tire promises more than just looks, although it certainly does achieve it with a style that says your truck is sporty, but can get dirty (and not get stuck) if it needs to.

This tire has plenty of surprises. While the tread pattern at first glance appears to be a mess of tread blocks all over the place, the blocks themselves are actually paired up and even connected in the void areas. As a result, there’s a lot more lateral stability here, giving this tire its handling capability while looking like an off-road tire.

A closer look even reveals that these pairs of tread blocks actually make up a center line in the tire (slightly offset) that gives it great highway stability and responsiveness at speed.

And yet, because there are still plenty of deep knobby tread blocks, the Zeon LTZ can deliver all-terrain grip when asked. Plus, the shoulder tread blocks are alternating patterns to give added traction in mud and sand.

The tread compound itself provides solid grip in the wet, although the lack of any circumferential grooves in the tire mean it’s not as good as it could be when it comes to hydroplaning. The zig-zag sipes on the tread blocks do give it a reasonable amount of grip on wet roads though.

It is particularly good on-road in the dry.

Our largest complaint about this tire definitely has to be its limited offering of sizes. We presume Cooper has done their research and provided sizes for the unique sub-set of consumers that want a tire like this, but we’re always in favor of greater variety.

Who Should Buy This Tire?

With the Zeon LTZ, Cooper has made a unique tire for a specific audience. There are plenty of budget tire brands out there that make aggressively-styled off-road tires that can’t actually hold-up off-road. Here, the Zeon LTZ does both and is an ideal option for those who want better on-road grip, but who still demand off-road capability should the need arise.

Cooper Zeon LTZ Price

Pricing for the Cooper Zeon LTZ starts at roughly $225 per tire and goes up to roughly $300 a tire. The entry price seems steep, but it’s not that unreasonable when you consider the smallest size available is an 18-inch tire.

Cooper Zeon LTZ Warranty

The Cooper Zeon LTZ does not come backed by any tread life guarantee. It does, however, get Cooper’s Premium Limited Warranty. This warranty states that if a tire is deemed defective as a result of materials or workmanship during any point in the tire’s usable read life, Cooper will replace it free of charge!

It also comes backed by Cooper’s 45-day test drive guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the tires in the first 45 days, just exchange them for a replacement tire of equal or lesser value.

Cooper Zeon LTZ Sizes

18-inch sizes

19-inch sizes

20-inch sizes