Cooper Discoverer ATP Review

If you search Cooper Tire’s website you won’t immediately stumble cross this option, but its actually one of the top selling models available at Discount Tire. Why is that? We’ll explain.


  • Excellent off-road grip
  • On-road performance
  • Affordably priced


  • No tread life warranty specified

The Discoverer ATP is a tire sold exclusively at Discount Tire. And they sell a lot of them! There are a lot of reasons for this too.

First up is price, starting at just around $100 a tire, this is one very affordable all-terrain option for you truck, SUV or crossover. Better yet, it comes from a tier-one American tire manufacturer and it delivers in all the right categories.

With a five-row tread pattern it has large knobby tread blocks which look great and grip excellently. The large void spaces allow the tire to dig into loose earth, while utilizing Cooper’s expertise in making a durable tire.

On the shoulder blocks it’s easy to see the scalloped and alternating pattern that allows for great traction in loose surfaces.

The second and third thread rows feature conjoined blocks that still allow a lot of that void space you need to churn up and toss-away loose earth, while adding an extra level of stability, which is particularly appreciated on-road.

In fact, this feature helps to overcome some of the on-road stability lost as a result of a center tread row thats features independent blocks. (While ideal for off-road, for a true on-road all-season tire you’d want to see a single tread rib).

Cooper has also designed siping into the tread blocks and visible features between them to help prevent stones from becoming lodged in the tire. (Stones stuck in your tires not only reduces off-road grip, but can lead to premature tire wear on-road too).

To help with on-road grip in the wet, the tire features a silica-based tread compound which retains its grip better on damp roads.

And finally, the tires are even designed to offer a quiet ride, despite their rather aggressive off-road looks.

If there’s any drawback to this tire it’s that Cooper doesn’t specifically offer a milage warranty on it. However, considering it’s so well rated, that complaint is really more of a technicality.

Combining off-road grip and on-road performance, with manners to boot, Cooper has wrapped-up the Discoverer APT into an an impressively affordable package that draws very few complaints. In fact, the tire has been reviewed by more than 2,500 owners on the Discount Tire website and has come away with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 92.4% of owners recommending it.

You can’t get much more glowing than that!

Cooper Discoverer ATP Price

Pricing for the Cooper Discoverer ATP starts at roughly $120 per tire for a 15-inch size and goes up to just under $250 for a 20-inch sizes. Overall, these are very affordably priced all-terrain tires.

Cooper Discoverer ATP Warranty

Like all Cooper Tires, the Discoverer ATP is backed by a standard limited warranty. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. Defective tires that are worn less than 2/32-inch will be replaced free of charge. After that point, defective tires will be replaced on a pro-rated basis.

Cooper Discoverer ATP Sizes

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

20-inch sizes


What’s the difference between Cooper Discoverer ATP and AT3?

The Cooper Discoverer ATP is an all-terrain tire sold exclusively at Discount Tire. Compared to the more widely available AT3 model it offers more extreme off-road capability but is still designed to be reasonably civilized and effective on-road. In many respects its almost more like a mud-terrain tire, except that it does actually feature five rows of tread blocks with a center section for on-road stability, while some attention was paid to reduce road noise – though it’s not as quiet as the AT3.

The ATP is priced much more affordably than the AT3, however, it doesn’t come with any sort of milage warranty. The AT3 is rated to last to 65,000 miles, which is the most of any all-terrain tire.