Cooper Discoverer HT3 Review
  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Off-Road
  • Winter
  • Comfort
  • Tread Life


A highway terrain tire built for light off-roading, a quiet and comfortable on-road drive and overall high levels of durability, the Discoverer HT3 also delivers excellent all-season traction at an affordable price, making it a compelling option in the segment.

A sturdy and dependable all-round offering for commercial and work trucks, the Cooper Tire Discoverer HT3 is designed to get the job done.


  • Impressive all-weather traction
  • Built to resist uneven wear


  • Highway stability
  • Could use a longer mileage guarantee

Commercial trucks take a lot of abuse and they need a tire that’s up to the challenge. That’s what Cooper made the Discoverer HT3 for.

With a conventional five-row tread layout, there are four deep circumferential grooves to evacuate water and prevent hydroplaning. The center tread rib isn’t constant which impacts highway stability, although you don’t notice it much. This is slightly ironic for a tire that’s designed for highway driving.

The large tread blocks help with traction and resist wear, while each block features additional siping for better wet grip and even some improved snow traction. (It’s not a true winter-rated tire, although it certainly does look like it).

One of the best features of this tire is the continuous should rib, which looks almost like an extra set of tread on the tire’s sidewall. The serves to prevent irregular wear, one of the largest issues that plagues these tires on vehicles that can (let’s be honest) sometimes get neglected.

These features combined with the tread compound allow Cooper to back the tire with a 50,000 mile tread life guarantee. That’s not amazing, but it’s a pretty affordable tire.

While it doesn’t offer the most dynamic handling or the amazing quietness of some all-seasons, the Discoverer HT3 is a solid and well-priced tire that is built to take abuse while offering strong grip in plenty of different weather.

Cooper Discoverer HT3 Price

Pricing for the Discoverer HT3 starts at around $130 per tire for a 15-inch size and goes up to roughly $220 per tire for a 20-in size.

Cooper Discoverer HT3 Warranty

Cooper backs the Discoverer HT3 with a 50,000 mile tread wear guarantee. If the useable tread wears out before 50,000 miles, Cooper will refund the difference on a pro-rated basis. In addition, like all Cooper tires, it’s backed with a standard limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. For defects found in the first 2/32nds of treadwear, Cooper will replace the tire. After that period, defective tires will be replaces on a pro-rated basis. Cooper also offers a 45 day test drive guarantee on these tires.

Cooper Discoverer HT3 Sizes

15-inch sizes


16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

What Ply is the Cooper Discoverer HT3?

The Cooper Discoverer HT3 is available in both load range C and load range E (10-ply) options. The majority of sizes are 10-ply.

How Long does the Cooper Discoverer HT3 last?

With a 50,000 mile tread life warranty from the manufacturer you should expect to get roughly that amount of milage out of a set assuming you follow proper rotation procedures and keep the tires adequately inflated.

Is the Cooper Discoverer HT3 good in snow?

While by no means winter rated, as far as all season tires go, the Cooper Discoverer HT3 is better than most. The heavy zig-zag siping on the tread locks allows for some grip in light snow, using the snow as a friction surface against snow on the road to provide traction.