Are Cooper Tires Made in the USA?

If you’re shopping for quality made-in-America tires and have come across the Cooper brand, you’re probably wondering: are Cooper Tires made in the USA?

The short answer is: yes.

But Cooper does more than just manufacture it’s tires in America: they research, test and design them here too.

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Cooper Tires manufactures it’s tires in three different states, supporting local economies. They have production facilities in Findlay, Ohio; Texarkana, Aizona; and Tulepo, Mississippi. Cooper also operates a facility for producing components of tires in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The company’s corporate headquarters is also located in Findlay, Ohio.

With US tires made in the US, Cooper also has manufacturing facilities overseas to produce tires for those markets, with Europe served by tire manufacturing facilities in the UK and Serbia; Asia having two facilities in China; and a Mexico location for Latin America.


Cooper Tires as a brand dates back to 1914. Founded by brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart went into business together to purchase another manufacturing company that made components and repair kits for tires. A year later the two bough The Giant Tire & Rubber Company. The name Cooper Tire & Rubber Company emerged in 1946 and Cooper became a publicly traded company in 1960.

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Cooper Tires has an annual operating revenue of $2.85 billion dollars and employs 10,500 people worldwide. It’s the 12th largest tire manufacturer in the world and the 5th largest in North America.


Cooper Tires also owns Avon Tyres, which manufactures car and motorcycle tires in Europe.

In addition, Cooper Tires is the parent company of the Mickey Thompson tire brand, which is legendary in the drag racing industry.


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  1. I always purchase Cooper Tires for my cars and Winnebago Class C Motor Home. I have Cooper Adventurer H/T on my RV now. These tires ride much smoother that the OEM Michelins supplied by Ford Motor Company. I also have Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires on my 2016 Ford Fusion….Good tires, Good value and made in the USA by an American Company!

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