Are Cooper Tires Made in the USA?

If you’re shopping for quality made-in-America tires and have come across the Cooper brand, you’re probably wondering: are Cooper Tires made in the USA?

The short answer is: maybe.

But Cooper does more than just manufacture its tires in America: they research, test and design them here too.

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Cooper Tires manufactures its tires in three different states, supporting local economies. They have production facilities in Findlay, Ohio; Texarkana, Arkansas; and Tulepo, Mississippi. Cooper also operates a facility for producing components of tires in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The company’s corporate headquarters is also located in Findlay, Ohio.

With many US tires made in the US, Cooper also has manufacturing facilities overseas to produce tires for those markets, with Europe served by tire manufacturing facilities in the UK and Serbia; Asia having two facilities in China; and a Mexico location for Latin America.

Thanks to feedback from our readers we can report that at least some of the Cooper Tires sold in America are made in Mexico and China. NOTE: If your Cooper tires are not made in America, please leave us a note below and indicate the type of tire purchased and where it was manufactured.


Cooper Tires as a brand dates back to 1914. Founded by brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart went into business together to purchase another manufacturing company that made components and repair kits for tires. A year later the two bough The Giant Tire & Rubber Company. The name Cooper Tire & Rubber Company emerged in 1946 and Cooper became a publicly traded company in 1960.

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Cooper Tires has an annual operating revenue of $2.85 billion dollars and employs 10,500 people worldwide. It’s the 12th largest tire manufacturer in the world and the 5th largest in North America.


Cooper Tires also owns Avon Tyres, which manufactures car and motorcycle tires in Europe.

In addition, Cooper Tires is the parent company of the Mickey Thompson tire brand, which is legendary in the drag racing industry.

25 thoughts on “Are Cooper Tires Made in the USA?”

  1. I always purchase Cooper Tires for my cars and Winnebago Class C Motor Home. I have Cooper Adventurer H/T on my RV now. These tires ride much smoother that the OEM Michelins supplied by Ford Motor Company. I also have Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires on my 2016 Ford Fusion….Good tires, Good value and made in the USA by an American Company!

  2. Do any of the Cooper Tires made in China ever get sold her in the US, if so how can you tell which?

    1. They say “Made in China”. I was sickened to discover that the guy who had used my parents’ 2004 Fleetwood Southwind on GM Workhorse for a few years had put “Made in China” tire on it!!! ;-( (I got it back when both my parent’s passed this year-2020.) I saw “Cooper” and didn’t think twice… till I was down airing them up the first time! Had no idea Cooper had also betrayed us and gone to CHINA!!! I’ll NOT buy another Cooper tire. PLUS, the Southwind rides like an ‘ol straight truck!!! Don’t have the dollars to change ’em all out, BUT does concern me, AND can’t help but think they’re part of the reason for the rough ride!


  4. I just purchased Cooper Tires. I was priced cheaper tires from Taiwan . I decided I needed to buy US . No more crap from other countries. This includes all & any purchases made.
    Wake up America… support where you live.

  5. I read that Cooper tires are made in America. I would never buy foreign tires, not sure they can be trusted. So I ordered a set of whitewall steel belted radials for my antique Lincoln. I was disappointed to see the white turning brown from the black bleeding through. Then I read online that many people with collector cars which need whitewalls have the same problem because the tires are poor quality made in China. So I checked my sidewall and was shocked to find out my tires were made in Mexico!! I can’t trust them any more than I would Chinese tires. What happened to Made inAmerica? I have used whitewall cleaner and scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. Like a fool I believed your statement that your tires are made in America. NOT TRUE! And now my mint condition Lincoln has brownwalls to detract from the rest of it’s beautiful condition. Is it even safe to drive?

  6. I have been looking for American made products in the last few years as I’m tired of my money going to foriegn pockets! One of the rear tires on my Street Rod separated a couple of weeks ago and Tire Kingdom replaced both rears with Cooper Cobras. These are my first Cooper tires so I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform.

    1. The Cooper Cobras I purchased were made in Mexico. Tire store could never get them balanced. Exchange for Cooper Discoverer and those were OK.

  7. I have a Indian Roadmaster with a California Sidecar Trike Kit and have 205-55 R16 rear tires on it. What Cooper Tire would you recommend for the trike and this size…
    Thank You.

  8. You have to check the specific tire plant code on the tire before you buy. All tire companies make some tires in China. Most truck tires are made in China. The federally-mandated Tire Identification Number (TIN) molded into the sidewall has the code. The TIN will tell you the tire plant, the tire size code, the manufacturer’s code and the date of manufacturer code.

  9. I put Cooper Discover ATP on my truck and they are marked made in the USA on the side of the tires. Great looking tire by the way. Good ride so far but brand new so the jury is still out.

  10. Just got a set of Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T 215/70r15 from Summit. Made in Mexico. Wonder how much of a pain it’s going to be returning them.

  11. I have Cooper Discover True North Winter tires for my 2019 Subaru Crosstrek size 225/60 R17. Manufactured 2418, So about June of 2018. Needless to say, they were made in China. Stamped on the Tire. Not Made in the USA as all of the Cooper Tires are hyped to be.

  12. Based on my experience, the newer Cooper Discoverer A/T3 all terrain tires are the best truck tires I’ve ever owned and they’re made in the USA. I have 40k miles with half of the tread left. I go offroad every week for my job and I’ve never been stuck with them. Great on snow too. However, many of the Cooper car tires are made in China and elsewhere.

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