What Tires Are Made in the USA

What Tires Are Made in the USA

If you’re looking to Buy American, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a complete list of every tire manufacturer that makes its tires in America. This way you’ll know exactly which tires are made in the USA.

And while it would be MUCH too big a list to write down every single type of tire that’s made in the USA, we can show you how to find out for yourself – easily.

Well, sort of easily.

The only way to truly know is to look at the tire itself. The reason is that every tire comes stamped with a code on the sidewall. Just look for the DOT stamp and then look for the next letters. Those letters are a code for the factory that the tire is made in.

For an example, if the DOT number starts with BE, then it’s a BF Goodrich tire that was manufactured at the Michelin plant in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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Below is a list of tire manufacturers that make their products in the USA, as well as the factory location and the factory code. Using this list you’ll be able to decipher any DOT number on passenger car tires.

Some stand-out brands for Made-in-America tires are BF Goodrich, Cooper Tires, Bridgestone, Firestone and Goodyear,

It’s also important to note that all of these are union plants.

BE B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Tuscaloosa, AL
BF B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Woodburn, IN
AN B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Opelika A.L.
VE/YE/YU/8B Bridgestone/Firestone Des Moines, AL
2M/3M Bridgestone/Firestone Bloomington, IL
D2/E3/W1/Y7 Bridgestone/Firestone Lavergne, TN
2C/4D/5D Bridgestone/Firestone Morrison, TN

7X/9X/10X Bridgestone/Firestone Graniteville, South Carolina.
UP Cooper Finlay, OH
UT Cooper Texarkana, AR
DY Denman (Penslar Capital) Warren, OH
DA Dunlap ( Goodyear) Buffalo N.Y.
JJ/MD/PU Goodyear Gadsden, AL
JN/MJ/PY Goodyear Topeka, KS
JE/MC/PT Goodyear Dansville, VA
JT/MK/TA Goodyear Union City, TN
JP/MM/PJ Kelly-Springfield (Goodyear) Tyler, TX
JF/MM/PJ Kelly-Springfield (Goodyear) Fayetteville, NC
MN Goodyear, Freeport, Illinois
MP/PL Goodyear, Tyler, Texas
M6 Goodyear, Lawton, Oklahoma
MB Goodyear Akron, Ohio
CC Yokahama Tire Salem,VA
YD Bridgestone/Firestone Decatur, Illinois
1C/HY Bridgestone/Firestone Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
0B/W2/Y2 Bridgestone/Firestone Wilson, North Carolina
8B/VE/YE/YU Bridgestone/Firestone Des Moines, Iowa
A9 Continental/General Bryan, Ohio
6B/A3 Continental/General Vernon, Illinois
AC Continental/General Charlotte, NC
AD Continental/General Mayfield, Kentucky
VY Continental/General South Sumter, South Carolina
CH Pirelli Hanford, California
CK Pirelli Madison, Tennessee
JR Pirelli Rome, Georgia
4M/M3 Michelin Greenville, South Carolina
B6 Michelin Spartanburg, South Carolina
B7 Michelin Dothan, Alabama
B9 Michelin Lexington, South Carolina

While this list does seem impressive, we should point out that buying American is not easy. As many tires as these plants produce, they represent just 20% of all tires sold in America.


32 thoughts on “What Tires Are Made in the USA”

  1. This information was very helpful, especially with all the events happening in the international world. All companies with manufacturing facilities in the USA, need to promote their products as made in the USA, on a regular basis. Thank you.

  2. Trump just dead to boycott Goodyear tires, is this the person we need in the white house .what happened to buy America .I don’t thank so.

    1. Goodyear has plants all around the world including China. He said to boycott because they are censoring free speech. For example you can wear something about blm but not about blue lives matter. I agree I try to buy products that are American made all the time.

    2. Dan, I’m guessing that you went to a ‘liberal’ public school system where ‘English 101’ (Or *any* English classes) were strictly forbidden.
      2+2=5, right? LOL!

    3. Yes. He is exactly what we need. Goodyear’s management has just been outed as the Marxists Leftie loons they truly are

    4. Damn right he is the person we need in the white house!!! There are other American companies we can buy from that don’t spout their ignorant ideologies!!!

      1. Trump a Traitor…you must get your news from the communist news network CNN. Who is the guy that flew to communist China aboard air force 2 with his son Hunter and then came home with a 1.5 billion dollar financial investment for his sons corrupt company.. that would be JOE BIDEN. It was reported by Hunter Biden ex wife’s divorce attorney that Hunter Biden made a 15 million dollar commission on the deal his father China Joe cut with the Chinese… that’s what I call a corrupt traitor. Thank God for Trump.

        1. You are correct. The fools insist on supporting anti American positions.
          The fool who called Trump a traitor and anyone who supports him is obviously a socialists commie pretending he’s worthy to be in America. He’s Must be a supporter of The murder in Benghazi By Clinton and Obama. He must be a a Clinton supporter, Obama, Biden Who threatened a country by blackmail to get his son hunter money. He must support selling of abortion parts of babies for huge dollar. Proud of his support of anti American traitors like McCain, coney, mueller, pelosi, newsroom, what a list of losers he must belong to.
          One other note is you can’t buy President Trump, unlike the ones socialists support, as our President isn’t for sale.

    5. Yeah, cause yer boy FJB is doing such a great job! Highest gas prices ever, inflation through the roof, millions of illegals coming over the border, war in Asia, the list just goes on and on. Genius.

  3. Good information! Thank you! We no longer are interested in GoodYear when they have such terrible policies. We want to buy American …from companies that LOVE America and the opportunities they have for ALL Americans!

  4. Goodyear’s CEO SHOULD RESIGN! Any idiot knows that involving your corporation in politics. To do so will alienate approximately half of your market.
    Giving aid and support to the marxist goons who would gladly destroy America is a slap in the face to all patriotic Americans. The refusal to allow red blooded American gear like “defending the thin blue line” or supporting our president Just furthers the insult.
    Cooper, BFG, even Firestone and Michelin all make tires in the USA for the North American Market. Plenty of opportunities to “buy American” without rewarding Goodyear’s Anti American Marxist stance. Our family has bought Goodyear tires for many years. Just the two cars at my house alone do about 30/35000 miles in a typical year. We and a good portion of the family will no longer buy Goodyear. From my perspective, they can take their blimp and move to China where they can live among their Anti American kindred spirits.

  5. Businesses shouldn’t dictate to their employees who they can or cannot support period! To say it’s ok for BLM & not Blue lives Matter is wrong. Sports & Hollywood should keep their political views to themselves too. I support our president 100%. For the record, if that’s how Goodyear feels, I don’t want to buy their American Tires & won’t. I’ll buy another American Tire.

  6. Goodyear must not be American, doesn’t have American values, doesn’t want to make America great again, and doesn’t think all American lives matter.

  7. Goodyear tires are trash. My prius ran through goodyear tires every 25,000-30,000 miles, even though the tire was rated 60,000. Junk. I never buy them anymore.

  8. i would not buy goodyear before this, and i damn sure will not buy them now!! and anybody who sides with the liberal dems, can go pound sand!!

  9. I must have come in after this conversation started, has goodyear move production to china. I’m just getting ready to buy tires for my 2500 suburban, and I want to buy from a American owned company that makes their tires in America, as always I am going to buy American. I don’t have an interest in buying anything made in china, the last thing they exported to the US was the corna virus!

    1. Buy Cooper tires, all of their tires are made in the USA and they’re reasonably priced too. Cooper also owns Master Craft and Hercules although some of their tires are made in China now.

      1. Not all Cooper Tires are Made in USA. I found out the expensive way! I just bought a set of four Cooper Trendsetter SE White Wall tires for my (last year and actually Made in USA 2005 Buick LeSabre Custom. I was told by the Goodyear saleman that they were American made, which is what I was looking for. We’ll, reading this article made me go to the garage and look where my tires were made. I was shocked and upset to see: Made in Mexico on the sidewall! Oh well, skunked again! They seem nice but now I’m a little annoyed with the build country not bring what I was told when purchased just last year. Next time I’ll insist on seeing the sidewall before purchasing them!

  10. For the author of this article, OR to the person who created the MADE IN AMERICA list… FYI the abbreviation for the State of Tennessee is NOT “TE”,,, it is “TN”.. Doesn’t anyone PROOFREAD anymore? If you want to be taken 100% seriously, then at least find someone that understands the importance of correct usage of the English language.

    1. TE is the code for tires made in Tennessee, not the abbreviation. Maybe you should proof read, lol. I hope you’re not from Tennessee, if so, you just made our state look ignorant. And yes, I live in Tennessee and I have friends who work at a tire plant in Clinton TN.

  11. I think this list needs to be updated. The Bridgestone/ Firestone tire manufacturer in Decatur, Illinois has been closed for many years

  12. Politics aside, I don’t buy Goodyear because their tires are a harder rubber compound which does not perform well on snow and ice. Also, they tend to go out of round (shifting belts) and become impossible to balance. When I worked as a mechanic at a Jeep dealer, we returned many new Goodyear tires for failing a road force balance procedure. I had a set of Hankooks I gave away too. Bad traction on ice, hard rubber compound. They both probably wear well though. My Hankooks came new on a used Explorer. Korean brand, Chinese made. This was years ago, they hopefully have improved, but I won’t buy them or Goodyear. Michelin, Bridgestone, some models of BF Goodrich, Firestone (Winterforce) and others I’ve had work well, but the Michelins seem to wear out much quicker than before. My friend noticed that and switched to Pirelli, but he’s in TX, no ice. I had some Pirelli that were marginal on ice but they were a performance sports car tire, not for that purpose. BF Goodrich touring were chap, not so good in winter, but Trail Long TA did fine.

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