Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Review
  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Winter
  • Comfort
  • Tread Life


A performance-focused all-season tire built specifically for trucks and SUVs, it delivers improved driving dynamics for those running plus-sized wheels and looking for a more engaging drive.

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Review

The Cooper Discoverer HT Plus is the perfect tire for pickup truck and SUV owners who are looking for all-season tires with performance and style.


  • Great looks
  • Good for aftermarket wheels
  • Solid tread life


  • No mileage warranty
  • Not as performance focused as they look
  • Loud as they age
  • Very limited sizes

Rather than being a high performance summer-only tire, the Discoverer HT Plus is a conventional all-season that just so happens to have an aggressive tread pattern, so it will look stylish on modern pickups and SUVs. In particular, Cooper built this tire to appeal to truck owners with lower profile tire needs, as sizing is only available in 18 and 20-inches.

Usually HT (or Highway Terrain) tires combine the best features of an all-season and an all-terrain tire, meaning they have off-road grip, but also excellent on-road manners. Due to the street performance nature of these tires, however, they’re not really suited to any off-roading – despite the tread-block siping.

In that sense, the Highway Terrain moniker is a bit misused here. Instead, think of them as having ultra-high performance tire looks, with the characteristics of an all-season. Although to be fair, they’re a pretty aggressive all-season tire with a low 460 UTQG rating meaning the rubber compound is quite soft and grips the road aggressively.

Stand-out features of this tire include a sturdy and close-knit center block design for stability on the highway and in corners, while the two larger circumferential grooves near the outside of the tread deliver excellent water evacuation to prevent hydroplaning.

The tires are impressively quiet on-road, due to an optimized pitch sequence in the tire design. However, many owners report that as the tires age they get considerably louder.

We also love the built-in rim protector that minimizes curb damage or scuffing to your shinny wheels.

If we do have a gripe about these tires, it’s that they come with no specific milage warranty. Those hunting for something similar might also want to consider the Discoverer HT3, which does come with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty. That said, you should still expect to get close to 50,000 miles on a set.

Consumer complaints about these tires, while minimal, are most related to overall grip. Again, that’s really due to the expectation of them being more of a high-performance tire than they really are. If you do want quality ultra high performance tires for a truck or SUV, you won’t find them for a price this reasonable. In fact, pricing is one of this tire’s strong points.

Overall, we’re a fan of these tires, as are most owners. Of 266 consumer reviews at Discount Tire, the Discoverer HT Plus is recommended by 93.6% of owners. If you’re looking for an aggressive looking set of all seasons for your truck, especially if you’re plus-sizing your tires with some new, larger rims, we recommend you check these out.

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Price

The Cooper Discoverer HT Plus retails starting at around $130 per tire for a 18-inch size and going up to $160 per tire for a 20-inch size.

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Warranty

The Discoverer HT Plus is backed by Cooper Tire’s standard limited warranty, covering defects in workmanship and materials.

This warranty means that Cooper will replace the tires for free within the first 2/32 of an inch of treadwear if there is found to be a defect in workmanship or materials. After that time, Cooper will replace the tires on a pro rated basis.

It also comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Sizes

18-inch tires


20-inch tires


What HT means on tires?

If you see HT on a tire that generally stands for Highway Terrain. A highway terrain tire combines the features of an all-terrain tire with an all-season. What that means is that the tire is designed for on-road use with solid dry weather performance, low noise volume and high levels of comfort. Generally HT tires offer a big leap in on-road wet performance over all-terrain tires as well.

Highway Terrain tires retain some off-road capability, though it is minimal. They are designed for lighter off-roading and less-frequent off-road use as well.