Best Audi Q7 Tires

Best Audi Q7 Tires

Audi’s ultra-luxurious family-focused SUV, the Q7 has long been a top choice for smart shoppers. If the tires on your Q7 are now in need of replacing, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for replacement tires including all-season options and our top picks for winter and summer. For all tires on this list we looked at performance, tread life and price.


Audi Q7 Tire Sizes

Below is a list of the different trim levels available for the Audi Q7 with the available tire sizes for each.

  • Premium 255/60/18 or 255/55/19 or 285/45/20
  • Premium Plus 255/55/19 or 285/45/20 or 285/45/21
  • Prestige 285/45/20 or 285/45/21 or 28535/22


Best Tire for Audi Q7

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

Combining the best of Michelin’s sports car technology in a functional all-season tire the Pilot Sport All Season 4 features the brand’s latest innovations. Included in this are the new 360 degree sipes that work to deliver thousands of additional biting edges for improved grip in wintry conditions.

Combine this with a high silica tread compound and the tire resists freezing in colder temperatures so it can retain its summertime performance in colder temperatures.

At the same time, Michelin engineers were able to design a tire with a longer tread life and back it with a 45,000 mile warranty.

Dry and wet braking performance are best-in-class. The only down side is that some owners report the stiffer sidewalls make for a slightly less comfortable ride than they would prefer.

Pricing is on the high side, but you don’t get a world-class tire without paying a premium for it.



Best Tire for Audi Q7 (alternative)

Continental Cross Contact LX Sport

As an alternative to the Michelin above, the Continental Cross Contact LX Sport is another solid choice, as it should be. It’s the tire many Q7s come equipped with from the factory.

All-season performance is impressive with this tire, with an interior section that’s siped just like a winter tire for maximum grip in light snow. With the lack of a central tread rib, the sportiness of this tire is a bit lower than the Michelin, though the highway ride is impressively stable. Reinforced shoulder tread blocks also make for solid cornering capability.

A softer rubber compound allows it to resist freezing in colder temperatures while also offering impressive grip on dry roads. The down side is a slightly reduced tread life. Continental doesn’t offer a warranty on this tire, but expect around 40,000 mils.

Pricing is roughly 10% less than the Michelin tire above.



Best Runflat Tire for Audi Q7

Goodyear Eagle Sport AS

If the safety of a run flat tire is something you demand, then look no further than the Goodyear Eagle Sport AS. Another OE fitment, many Q7s come equipped with this tire direct from the factory and unlike the Continentals above it does come with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty.

Pricing is at the very top of the range, but it’s not vastly more expensive than any of the other tires on this list.

Overall the tire is solidly sporty and offers decent grip in light wintry conditions. We also like the built-in rim protector that pushes the tread out past the wheel to help protect it from scuffs and scratches.



Best Winter Tire for Audi Q7

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

A winter tire that’s purpose built for luxury and performance SUVs, the Pirelli Scorpion Winter is designed to give you confidence and safety when the snow falls. Heavy siping on the tread blocks intersect with what Pirelli calls “snow booster ridges” that help pack the tread full of snow, giving it the snow-on-snow traction that makes a winter tire so effective. As a result, this tire delivers high levels of stability and confidence on snow covered roads, as well as impressive responsiveness too.

Wide circumferential grooves (two rows on sizes under 255 and 4 rows on size above) are in place to easily evacuate water and slush from the tire’s contact patch.

Manufactured using Pirelli’s latest low rolling resistance technology the tire is also designed to minimize aero drag and help save on fuel.



Best Summer Performance Tire for Audi Q7

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

If you want to add heightened levels of grip to your Q7 the absolute best bet is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV. With three huge center tread ribs, responsiveness is outstanding. Overall grip and cornering capability is sports car-like with another tread rib that matches up with the extra long shoulder tread blocks to give a huge and extremely stable contact patch. You simply can’t get better performance out of your SUV than with this tire.

The only down side is the short tire life with a 20,000 mile tread life.



What Tires Come Standard on the Audi Q7?

Depending on the trim level, Q7 models come equipped from the factory with the Continental Cross Contact LX Sport in a 19-inch size. Vehicles equipped with 20-inch tires run either the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season, Continental ContiSport Contact 5 SUV, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV or Pirelli Scorpion Verde, as well as the Continental Cross Contact LX Sport.  Q7 models equipped with 21-inch tires come with the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 SUV.

How Long do Audi Q7 Tires Last?

None of the factory-equipped tires on the Audi Q7 come with a tread life warranty from the factory. That’s not all that unusual with OEM tires, and especially not on high-end vehicles. That said, expect to get anywhere from 45,000 to 55,000 miles on a set for less performance-focused ones and anywhere from 35,000 to 45,000 miles on high-performance tire options.

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