Kenda bills its Klever M/T tire as a go-anywhere, do-anything option for your pickup truck or SUV. And they’re not wrong.


  • Bargain price
  • Excellent grip in tough situations
  • 3-ply sidewall construction


  • Pretty noisy even for a mud-terrain tire

Designed for messy work sites, it’s also built to be at home on a trail or even an off-road dirt track, offering impressive grip where most tires can’t find any.

With massive tread blocks, what’s equally important is what’s not there – with lots of “void” (the space between the treads) to allow the treads to grip in deep. Those same spaces also work to shoot out dirt and mud, letting the tire grip just as well the next spin around.

Each tread lug is also designed with plenty of jagged edges to help bite into loose surfaces. Plus, the outside treads (the shoulder tread lugs) have an alternating pattern for even more grip, allowing the tire to easily scoop into loose earth.

Between each of those shoulder blocks are small ribs, which work to help expel rocks so they don’t get caught up in the tread, reduce grip, and lead to premature wear. While there is no mileage warranty on these tires (which is expected for a mud-terrain tire) many users report being impressed by not only the length of wear, but overall durability.

Working equally hard on rough rocks, those places can just as likely be sharp, so the Klever M/T is built with a 3-ply sidewall to give an extra layer of protection against the type of side-punctures that always seem to come as a surprise out on the trails.

The 3-ply sidewall also helps the tire retain its structure when aired up and down repeatedly.

With some siping and huge tread lugs, the Klever MT can handle snow, but only for brief periods of time before the tread compound starts to freeze up and loose some of its effectiveness.

Overall, the Klever MT delivers exceptional grip, excels at the job it was designed to do, and does so all for an extremely reasonable price.

Kenda Klever MT Price

The Kenda Klever M/T retails starting from approximately $130 per tire and topping out at around $250 per tire, making it quite affordable for a mud-terrain tire.

Kenda Klever MT Warranty

Kenda warranties its tires against defects in materials and workmanship on a pro-rated basis, meaning the amount of tread life left will factor into the cost to replace the tire. The owner will be required to pay any additional mounting or balancing fees, as well as any taxes.

The Klever M/T does not come with a treadwear warranty.

Kenda Klever MT Sizes

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

Where is the Kenda Klever MT made?

Some Kenda Klever MT tires are manufactured in Taiwan, although Kenda does also operate manufacturing facilities inĀ  Vietnam, Indonesia and China

How Long Does the Kenda Klever MT Last?

As a mud-terrain tire, it’s not surprising that Kenda doesn’t offer a mileage warranty on the Kever MT. The life of a mud-terrain tire depends a lot on how it’s used. That said, based on normal wear and tear, as well as user reviews, we anticipate you’ll see 35,000 to 40,000 miles on a set.