Kenda bills its Klever M/T tire as a go-anywhere, do-anything option for your truck or SUV.


  • Affordable
  • Bargain price
  • 3-ply sidewall construction


  • Not a great warranty
  • No mileage warranty

Designed for messy dirt sites, it’s also built to be at home on a dirt track, offering impressive grip where most tires can’t find any.

With massive tread blocks, what’s equally important is what’s not there – with lots of “void” (the space between the treads) to allow the treads to grip in deep. Those same spaces also work to shoot out dirt and mud, letting the tire grip just as good the next spin around.

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Each tread lug is also designed with plenty of jagged edges to help bite into loose surfaces. Plus, the outside treads (the shoulder treads) have an alternating pattern for even more grip.

Between each of those shoulder blocks are small ribs, which work to help expel rocks so they don’t get caught up in the tread, reduce grip, and lead to premature wear.

Working equally hard on rough rocks, those places can just as likely be sharp, so the Klever M/T is built with a 3-ply sidewall to give an extra layer of protection against the type of side-punctures that always seem to come as a surprise out on the trails.


Kenda Klever MT Price

The Kenda Klever M/T retails starting from approximately $120 per tire.


Kenda Klever MT Warranty

Kenda warranties its tires against defect, with some qualifications a lot of other brands don’t have. A replacement charge will be charge, which is equal to the value of the purchase price of the tire, times the percentage of tread worn from the tire. The owner will be required to pay any additional mounting or balancing fees, as well as any taxes.

The Klever M/T does not come with a treadwear warranty.

Kenda Klever MT Sizes

15-inch sizes


16-inch sizes
290005 LT235/85R16
290014 LT235/85R16
290003 LT225/75R16
290006 LT245/75R16
290010 LT265/75R16
290011 LT285/75R16

17-inch sizes
290007 LT255/75R17
290016 35*12.50R17LT
290018 LT245/70R17
290008 LT265/70R17
290009 LT265/70R17
290012 LT265/70R17

18-inch sizes
290032 LT275/70R18
290033 35*12.50R18LT
290035 LT305/60R18

20-inch sizes
290037 LT275/65R20
290034 35*12.50R20LT
290030 33*12.50R20LT
290036 35*12.50R22LT