Toyo Open Country RT Review

Part of a growing niche segment in the tire business, the Open Country RT is what is classified as a Rugged Terrain tire, splitting the difference between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain tire. And for a certain sub-set of truck and SUV owners, these will be absolutely perfect.


  • Sturdy 3-ply construction
  • 45k-mile warranty
  • Huge levels of off-road grip
  • Much quieter than MT tires


  • Not much on-road grip (like a standard MT tire)
  • Not as comfortable as an all-terrain tire


Combining features of a mud-terrain tire, such as superb grip on rocks, in sand, or in deep mud, the Toyo Open Country RT also offers the sort of on-road civility you’d never get from an MT tire – like a reasonably quiet ride.

In terms of off-road capability, the tread says it all, with large tread blocks, particularly towards the outside of the tire, to help grip loose surfaces. Meanwhile, big spaces of void allow the tire to self-clean, tossing away the ground to it can dig back in again. Sculpted exterior tread blocks really help dig in, while built-in sone ejectors (found between the exterior tread blocks near the base of the tread) work to force out hard-packed earth and mud, as well as smaller stones.

The tire’s aggressive sidewall design acts like you’d expect from a mud-terrain tire, helping give a little extra grip when you’re in deep.

Meanwhile, the tire is made of a firm 3-ply construction to help prevent against cuts and slashes, not to mention long-term durability designed for a life off-road.

With all this talk about off-road traction, capability and durability, we really should point out the benefits to this tire on road. For starters, it’s much quieter than you might expect. While the ride quality still isn’t fantastic, the unique design of the tread blocks on the interior of the tire make it more stable on the highway and far less ponderous.

The on-road drawbacks aren’t insignificant. Like a mud-terrain tire, cornering grip on asphalt (wet or dry) is pretty limited.

Another great feature to consider these tires over a conventional mud-terrain tire, is that they do come with a factory tread-life warranty of 45,000 miles – something you just can’t find on an MT tire. For that reason, and the rest, we really think this is a better alternative for a lot of mud-terrain shoppers, giving them almost all of the capability they want, with very few drawbacks.

Toyo Open Country RT Price

Based on sizing, the Toyo Open Country RT ranges in price from $235 per tire for a 15-inch fitment to approximately $480 per tire for the largest 22-inch size.


Toyo Open Country RT Warranty

The Open Country RT comes backed with a 45,000 mile limited treadlife warranty. Plus, Toyo offers a 45-day (or 500 mile) satisfaction guarantee., where you can return the tires in that timeframe for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

And of course, the Open Country RT comes backed by the brand’s standard limited warranty, covering materials and craftsmanship for the first 5 years. If tires are found to be defective, Toyo will replace them for free for the first 25 percent of wear, or replace them at a prorated amount down to the last 2/32nds of tread life.

Toyo Open Country RT Sizes

15-inch tires


16-inch tires


17-inch tires


18-inch tires


20-inch tires


22-inch tires


How Long Do Toyo Open Country RT Last?

The Open Country RT comes with a 45,000 mile warranty on the tread so expect to get at least that many miles out of a set even when used aggressively. As a rugged terrain tire it combines the capability of a mud tire with some of the on-road civility and life of an all-terrain tire.