Toyo Proxes ST Review

All-season grip with the look of an ultra-high performance tire, if you’re looking for on-road performance for your truck or SUV, the Toyo Proxes ST are a top contender.

UPDATE: Toyo’s next-generation of Proxes ST model is the new Proxes ST III. Read our review of that tire here.


  • Dry grip and handling
  • Quiet ride
  • Great look


  • No milage guarantee
  • Limited sizes
  • Wet weather grip could be a big better

These low-profile tires have plenty of style and the look of a true performance tire, but they offer more versatility and longevity, albeit at the expense of outright grip.

That’s not to knock the grip of these tires. As far as all-seasons go, they’re impressive and on dry roads they do a fantastic job of putting down the power. The large shoulder tread blocks that extend into the inner portion of the tire, along wth the lower profile, help keep the weight of larger trucks and SUVs under control.

Available in limited sizes, the Proxes ST are a go-to choice for big SUVs and pickup trucks looking for improved on-road performance over their stock tires. While certainly a showy tire with an aggressive tread pattern, they offer more than just dry grip.

The unique tread pattern does help disperse water, and if you look closely you’ll see the center of the v-pattern actually connects all the way around the tire, helping to evacuate deeper water. Still, these are more likely to hydroplane than conventional all-seasons that feature four circumferential grooves.

Of note, we really don’t recommend these tires if you do occasional off-roading. They are designed to offer grip on dry asphalt (and to a lesser extend wet asphalt) and even a modern AWD system will have trouble delivering the sort of grip you might expect.

While no tread life warranty is provided by Toyo, based on consumer reporting of real world testing, you should expect roughly 40,000 to 50,000 miles per set.

Note that as a direction tire, proper rotation can only include swapping tires front to back, it cannot include swapping side-to-side as well.

Toyo Proxes ST Price

Pricing for the Toyo Proxes ST starts at roughly $300 a tire, which seems steep, however, available sizes do start at 20-inches and up.


Toyo Proxes ST Warranty

All Toyo Proxes ST tires come backed by a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. During the first year, or first 25 percent of treadwear, Toyo will replace defective tires for free. After the first year and up to five years since purchase (or the final 2/32-inch of treadwear) Toyo will replace any defective tires on a pro-rated basis.

In addition, Toyo backs all its tires with a 500 mile /45-day money-back guarantee.

Toyo does not offer a milage guarantee on the Proxes ST.

What VehiclEs Does the TOYO Proxes ST Fit on?

Cadillac Escalade

Chevrolet Tahoe, Silverado, Suburban

Dodge Durango

Infiniti QX80

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Land Rover Range Rover

Porsche Cayenne

Ram 1500

Toyoa Sequoia

Toyo Proxes ST Sizes

20-inch tires


22-inch tires

24-inch tires