Michelin Pilot Sport EV Review

With vehicles like the Tesla Model X and Y already on the road and numerous other EVs coming to market in the next few years, Michelin has announced the new Pilot Sport EV to specifically meet the demands of those models and their drivers.


  • World-class grip
  • Added range
  • Quieter ride
  • Eco-friendly


  • You can expect these tires will be extra expensive
  • Not available until Q3 of 2021

So what exactly does that mean? Well, for starters it means these tires are built for high performance machines that generally weigh more than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. The tread pattern is also designed to better withstand wear resulting from the extreme forces of ultra high-torque motors.

Impressively, the Michelin Pilot Sport EV is also built with maximum low rolling resistance technology, extending range by up to 37 miles compared to a conventional Pilot Sport tire.

It’s engineered to be quieter too. In fact, Michelin claims a 20 percent reduction in audible road noise thanks to a newly-developed layer of polyurethane foam in the tire.

In addition to all this, Michelin also builds this new tire with its Total Performance commitment, which is to say that these tires are built to perform exceptionally not just when they are new, but after thousands and thousands of miles of wear.

Many of these innovations that led to the launch of the Pilot Sport EV are a direct result of Michelin’s partnership with the Formula E racing series over six consecutive seasons.

And for those who are concern about the tire’s overall environment impact, and we suspect many of you are, Michelin has also guaranteed to make this tire CO2-neutral in its manufacturing and distribution. That means the manufacturer will offset any CO2 emissions up until the point of sale by investing in projects designed to offset and absorb CO2.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV Price

Pricing for the Michelin Pilot Sport EV has not yet been announced.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV Warranty

No tread life warranty for the Michelin Pilot Sport EV has yet to be announced.

All Michelin tires are covered by a standard limited warranty tat covers defects in materials and workmanship for six years from the date of purchase or the usable tread life of the tire, whichever comes first.

Michelin tires also come with a a 60 day satisfaction guarantee as well as 3 years of roadside assistance that includes a free flat tire change, free towing up to 150 miles, lockout service, a battery jump start and fluid delivery (gas).

Michelin Pilot Sport EV Sizes

While specific sizing isn’t yet available, the Pilot Sport EV will come in 16 sizes originally, with 11 original equipment fitments and five replacement sizes. The Pilot Sport EV will be offered in 18- to 22-inch diameter options.