Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Review

TheĀ Michelin Agilis CrossClimate is a very specific type of tire for a specific type of driver, so read carefully before you make a decision on your next truck tires.


  • Durable construction
  • True four-season performance


  • No tread life warranty

For starters, this tire is a commercial truck tire, meaning that it can sacrifice some creature comfort in exchange for durability. After all, commercial trucks aren’t often babied.

It’s designed for long tread life under heavy loads and according to Michelin’s own testing lasted anywhere from 10 to 19 percent longer than three major competitor tires. To help achieve this it uses longer and wider tread blocks that are designed to resist the premature wear that heavy torque loads can put on a tire during repeated stop-and-go driving. The design itself is also made so as to better distribute the tire’s weight under load so it will wear evenly and longer.

Yet another unique feature of this tire is its CurbGuard technology. The tire’s sidewalls get more than double the amount of reinforced nylon on the sidewalls to help them hold up to the continued abuse of rubbing up against curbs.

Beyond all this, what makes the Agilis CrossClimate particularly unique is that it’s also what is known as a four-season tire. This means it’s build for use all year round, offering grip in the summer, the wet of Fall and Spring and is even designed for true winter performance. With plenty of siping and a tread compound that resists freezing in low temperatures, it’s certified for extreme winter weather and bears the three peak mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall.

All this sounds fantastic, although there are some drawbacks as real world testing doesn’t quite hold up to Michelin’s claims when it comes to tire life with an above-average number of complaints from real users reporting premature tire wear. The exact reason for this isn’t clear, but it does seem like the combination of a softer winter-ready tread compound, combined with use on heavy vehicles towing big loads, could lead to faster-than-expected tire wear. And the fact that Michelin doesn’t back the tire with any sort of tread wear rating (not surprising for a winter-rated tire) doesn’t really provide any assurances.

While it’s not winter rated, if that’s not as much of a priority for you, we’d recommend checking out the Michelin Defender LTX M/S tire.

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Price

Pricing for the X ranges from just over $100 for a 15-inch tire to just over $300 for a 19-inch tire. Retailers may charge less.

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Warranty

As a winter-rated tire, it’s not surprising that the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate does not come with a tread wear warranty. It is backed by Michelin’s standard limited warranty and which covers defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the useable tread.

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Sizes

15-inch sizes

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