Michelin Primacy XC Review

With the Primacy XC, Michelin has built an all-terrain tire that’s designed to give next-level on-road civility.


  • Off-road grip
  • On-road civility
  • All-Terrain looks


  • Could use a longer tread life warranty
  • Limited sizes


As an all-terrain tire, first and foremost, the Primacy XC is designed to deliver grip off the beaten path. Using a simplified tread pattern of four rows of treads, the larger tread blocks help dig into soft surfaces.

The shoulder tread blocks are also designed with alternating patterns to help give the tire an extra edge when it comes to gripping the dirt off-road.

Missing the center tread rib that’s common on all-season tires, dry on-road performance is a bit limited with a diminished turn-in feel, however, on-road comfort and quietness are first rate.

Michelin’s Primacy sub-brand is a street-focused brand so it’s surprising to see it applied to an all-terrain tire. What it means in this case is that the tire gets a suite of Michelin technologies to improve on-road aspects, while still offering that off-road capability and durability.

The larger tread blocks and their overall construction also make this tire a good fit for towing, as it holds up well under heavy loads.

The Primacy XC uses Comfort Control Technology which serves the dual purpose of achieving first-rate ride comfort, while  ensuring low noise volumes for your vehicle. The computer-optimized tread pattern has been designed to limit noise from contact with the road, as well as noise from air running across the tread at speed. As such, this is ideal for for those with premium crossovers or SUVs who want to retain a luxurious ride quality, but also want true off-road grip. It’s also great for pickup truck drivers who pack on the highway miles and don’t want the constant hum of some more aggressive AT tires.

In addition, it makes use of a tread compound that delivers low rolling resistance. This means you won’t see the fuel economy impact you might otherwise see by switching to an all-terrain tire and overall it helps reduce CO2 emissions and even save you a little fuel over the life of the tire.

Based on its qualities and positive user ratings, the only real drawback of this tire is its extremely limited fitment options. Hopefully Michelin will expand this lineup soon. (UPDATE: Since the tire was first introduced, Michelin has expanded the lineup but only by one new option, a 265/60/R18 size).

Michelin Primacy XC Price

Pricing for the Michelin Primacy XC ranges from roughly $175 per tire up to approximately $250 per tire. Retailers may sell for less.


Michelin Primacy XC Warranty

Depending on the exact tire, Michelin backs the Primacy XC with a tread life warranty of either 40,000 miles for LT-sizes or 55,000 miles for P-metric sizes. It also comes covered by the brand’s standard limited warranty that applies to defects in materials and workmanship for the useable life of the tire. What this means is that Michelin will replace any tire found to be defective during the first year free of charge. Any defects found after that point and down until the final 2/32-inch of tread life will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

Michelin Primacy XC Sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes


What Ply is the Michelin Primacy XC?

Most versions of the Primacy XC are standard load tires, with only the 17-inch version coming with a 10-ply or Load-E rating.

In terms of the sidewall, the Primacy XC makes use of a conventional 2-ply sidewall – the norm for an all-terrain ire.

Is the Michelin Primacy XC Good in Snow?

The Primacy XC combines the traits of an all-terrain tire with an all-season Unfortunately neither are particularly well-suited to winter driving (unless it’s an AT tire that’s certified for snow). As a result, and based off user feedback, we don’t recommend these as a great year-round option if you live somewhere with regular snow.

How Long to Michelin Primacy XC Tires Last?

Based on the factor warranty specs and user-reported data, expect to get roughly 55,000 miles on standard sizes and just over 40,000 miles on LT versions.