Nexen N Priz RH7 Review

Factory equipment on certain Mitsubishi and Kia models, the Nexen N Priz RH7 combines a pleasant ride quality with affordable pricing.


  • Solid tread life
  • Attractive pricing
  • Adequate handling
  • Solid wet traction


  • Limited sizes
  • Minimal winter grip
  • Light turn-in response


This tire might not have any true stand-out features, but it does deliver impressive value thanks to a combination of factors.

Handling performance is actually better than expected on a more budget-focused tire. Turn-in response is a bit slow, but overall cornering grip delivers confidence, thanks in part to shoulder blocks that are connected on the inboard side of the tread.

Large circumferential grooves do their job to evacuate deeper water and clear the contact patch for capable traction in deeper water, while preventing hydroplaning. The silica-infused tread compound does the rest, offering impressive wet traction.

Winter traction is limited, despite some siping and added divisions to the tread blocks. Budget-focused all-season tires tend to suffer more when the temperature drops, and this Nexen model is no different. We’d recommend proper winter tires to swap on if you live somewhere with snow.

The ride quality is ideal for sedans and crossovers. It’s not best-in-class but it is comfortable enough. Road noise is nearly silent.

As for tread life, as is common with OEM-fitment tires, there isn’t one for this Nexen, which means there tends to be some guesswork involved in predicting overall tread life. Thankfully as it does come fitted on several models from the factory, it’s possible to survey some of those drivers. The results; expect roughly 60,000 miles on a set.

When you consider the ride quality, decent performance, solid wet traction and that tire life, the Nexen N Priz RH7 is a true value for the price.

Nexen N Priz RH7 Price

With a limited selection of sizes, expect to pay between roughly $180 for a 17-inch fitment and $250 for the largest 19-inch fitment.


Nexen N Priz RH7 Warranty

Designed an an original equipment tire for several different vehicles, the N Priz RH7 does not come with a factory tread life warranty. It is, however, backed by a standard limited warranty. Tires will be replaced free of charge for any faults found in the first one year of ownership. After that point, and down to the final 2/32-inch of tread life, Falken will replace defective tires on a pro-rated basis.

Nexen N Priz RH7 Sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

19-inch sizes