Kenda Klever RT Review

Slotting between an all-terrain tire and a more extreme mud-terrain tire, the Kenda Klever RT is carving out a new niche in the tire industry.


  • Excellent off-road capability
  • Fantastic durability
  • Think of it as a more liveable mud-terrain tire


  • Ride is a bit stiff
  • No tread life warranty

Often referred to as Rugged Terrain tires, the Klever RT fits into this segment and delivers amazing capability combined with durability and some on-road manners too.

The tread pattern is a true mud-terrain style, with four rows of tread lugs with plenty of void space between them to dig into loose earth. There are plenty of jagged edges along the tread blocks, while the shoulder lugs use an alternating pattern to really help the Klever RT grip any surface.

But perhaps more critical than the tire’s capability is its durability. With a three-ply sidewall (on most LT-sizes) it’s built to resist cuts and punctures. It also then holds up well to repeated airing up and down.

This feature might not seem overly impressive as Kenda offers a 3-ply sidewall on the Klever AT all-terrain tire. That is unique for AT tires, however, and Kenda is phasing it out with a new Klever AT2 tire that makes due with just a 2-ply setup. That said, this more extreme durability makes the Klever RT more attractive to true off-roaders.

In addition to the 3-ply sidewall, Kenda equips this tie with stronger polyester casing to help the tire hold up over time and prevent punctures through the face of the tread. Plus, the sidewalls feature additional tread elements to add an extra physical shield on the side.

As for on-road driving, the tread compound is designed to deliver solid wet-weather performance. The tire is a bit ponderous on the highway due to the larger tread lugs, but that’s to be expected. In short, it’s really not a great on-road tire, but it’s certainly liveable.

Kenda’s literature about the tire talks quite a bite about all-weather performance and while they make sure to point out that it’s mud and snow rated, this does not mean it’s rated for true winter capability. However, it is studdable, so if you need winter grip, you can have it.

Owner comments that the 3-ply sidewalls do make the ride a bit stiff on road, however, as a pleasant surprise the tire is actually reasonably quiet.

Kenda Klever RT Price

Pricing for the Kenda Klever RT ranges from $140 per tire to up to $365 per tire.

Kenda Klever RT Warranty

The Kenda Klever RT does not come with a specific tread life warranty. It is, however, covered by the brand’s limited warranty. Kenda will replace tires found to be defective int he first 2/32-inch a tread life free of charge. After that point and up until five years from the date of manufacture, Kenda will replace defective tires on a pro rated basis.

Kenda Klever RT Sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

22-inch sizes

Is the Kenda Klever RT Loud?

While definitely not silent, for the type of tire it is, the Kever RT is impressively quiet. The aggressive tread pattern has been computer optimized to limit road noise and offers a volume closer to a conventional all-terrain tire.

Is the Kenda Klever RT Good in Snow?

With it’s aggressive tread pattern and plenty of void space, the Klever RT offers some grip in deep snow, however, as it’s not certified for true winter use, the tread will freeze up in cold temperatures. Once this happens, it looses a lot of its grip. Optional studs can be fitted to the tread to transform it into a much-more capable winter option.

How Long to Kenda Klever RT Tires Last?

Kenda doesn’t offer a tread life estimate for the Klever RT, however, based on the tire’s specs, expected use and user reviews we estimate you’ll see roughly 40,000 miles on a set.