Americus Tires Reviews

Headquartered in Houston, Texas the Americus tire brand is owned and operated by American Omni Trading (AOT), an importer and exporter of tires since 1990. AOT also operates brands for several other industries, including Thunderer, Vercelli, Venezia, Deestone and Crop Max, catering to industries such as agriculture, construction and ATVs.

Aimed at the budget-focused segment, Americus offers tires for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. If there’s one thing that can be said across the board for these tires it’s that they are designed to deliver modest performance at an affordable price.

In the truck and SUV segment, Americus offers three unique tires, the Rugged All-Terrain, the Rugged A/TR and the rugged MT.

The Rugged MT is a standard mud-terrain tire offering deep tread blocks and plenty of void space to fling out mud. Larger sizes also come equipped with a 3-ply sidewall for superior protections against cuts and chips.

The Rugged All-Terrain is a true AT tire offering solid off-road performance and durability without sacrificing too much on-road handling, noise and tire life. It comes backed with a 55,000 mile treadwear warranty. Not bad for a budget tire.

Upping the off-road performance is the Rugged A/TR. Looking more like a mud-terrain tire with its four rows of tread blocks, Americus claims its still a versatile daily driver. Tread life is compromised somewhat with a 45,000 mile guarantee.

Americus Tires Warranty

All of the light-truck tires offered by Americus are backed by the brands¬†No Questions Asked, 25/365 Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy. Americus will give a full credit on a replacement tire for any defective tire (materials or workmanship) during the first 25% tread wear. This warranty also applies to any road hazard within the first 25% of the tire’s life.

Where are Americus Tire Made?

Perhaps not surprisingly, Americus tires are not made in America. In fact, the brand exclusively manufactures its tires at its facility in Thailand.