Atlas Tires Reviews

Atlas Tires isn’t terribly well-known, but it’s far from being a new brand to the industry.

In fact, Atlas Tires can trace its routes back almost 100 years to the mid-1930s. One of several brands run under the United States Rubber Company (one of the original 12 stocks on the Dow), the other brands included Gillette, Ward, U.S. Rubber and U.S Royal.

But the history of Atlas Tires is excessively complex, with the the United States Rubber Company eventaully becoming Uniroyal, which eventually was absorbed by .

The Atlas Tires brand, however, remained separate and was revived in 2015 when Linglong Americas Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Shandong Linglong Tire Co. Ltd. bought the rights to the brand. It comes as little surprise then that Atlas Tires, despite their classic American branding, are manufactured in Rayong, Thailand.

Atlas Tires are distributed in the United States by Tire Group International L.L.C., which also distributes the Astro, Cosmo, Duramas, Industar, Luna and Orion brands throughout Latin America.

Atlas Tires has roughly 40 US dealers, which gives it a tiny brick-and-mortar footprint in the US, although it’s online reach is much more significant thanks to digital retail giants like Amazon.

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Atlas offers six different passenger car and light truck tires, including the Legend UHP, Force HP, Force UHP, Priva HT II, Priva AT and Priva MT.

The Priva sub-brand distinguishes light truck tires with the Priva HT II designed as a highway terrain tire, offering some off-road capability but improved on-road dynamics, sound and tread life. It’s available in 15- to-20-inch sizes, though most fitments are either 16- or 17-inch sizes.

The Priva AT is the brand’s all terrain offering, available in 15- to 17-inch sizes and is built for real off-road use. But the brand’s most extreme off-road capable tire is the Priva MT. Available in the greatest variety of sizes and fitments ranging from 15- to 22-inches, these extreme sizes and low price make it an option for Jeeps and other lifted vehicles that aren’t exactly planning to do real off-road capability. That’s not to say that the Priva MT can’t tackle some mud, but it is a budget offering and won’t perform like premium brands will.


Atlas Privia AT

Atlas Privia HT II

Atlas Priva MT

Atlas Tires Warranty

Both the Priva AT and Priva HT II come with specific milage warranties that differ depending on the specific fitment and UTQG wear rating. The Priva AT with a UTQG rating of 460 gets a 40,000 mile guarantee, while those with a UTQG rating of 520 get a 50,000 mile guarantee.

As for the Priva HT II with a UTQG rating of 460 gets a 45,000 mile guarantee, while tires with a UTQG rating of 500 get a 50,000 mile warranty.

The Priva MT (like all mud tires) does not come with a specific milage warranty.