Corsa Tires Reviews

Corsa Tires is a sub-brand of Singapore-based Omni United Pte Ltd. In addition to the Corsa brand, Omni distributes tires under numerous other brands including Tiberland Tires, Patriot Tires, American Tourer Tires, Roadlux Tires, Achilles Tires, Tecnica Tires, Agora Tire and the flagship brand Radar Tires.

Both Corsa and Omni are relative newcomers to the tire industry, having launched back in 2003 by entrepreneur G.S. Sareen. Omni sells approximately 5 million tires annually (2 million of those in the United States) in 80 countries.

Manufacturing and design takes place in partnership with other tire manufacturers which are based in countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and India.

Corsa’s lineup of offerings is extremely limited with just three unique products, opting to only compete in high volume segments in the light-truck, SUV and crossover space.

The Corsa Highway Terrain is built for light-off road use and proper on-road manners and comes equipped with a 40,000 mile tread life warranty.

The Corsa Highway Terrain Plus sounds like a similar type of tire but is actually a more performance-focused all-season tire. It’s tread wear warranty is also 40,000 miles (unless you opt for the smallest 15-inch size which only gets a 30,000 mile warranty).

Finally, there’s the Corsa All Terrain (pictured above). This rugged and capable tire can do off-road duty and also comes backed wth the same 40,000 mile tread life warranty. Pricing is also extremely attractive, with many popular 17 and 18-inch fitments starting at around $150.

As you might expect, all of Corsa’s tires are extremely affordable, with some starting as low as $50.