Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Review

A fuel-saving tire that doesn’t cost a premium isn’t easy to find, so it makes the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter that much more of an interesting option.


  • Built to improve fuel economy
  • Decent dry handling tire
  • Attractive pricing


  • A bit loud
  • Poor winter performance
  • Limited sizes


Designed for everything from sedans to minivans to crossovers, this tire makes use of numerous techniques to help you save on fuel – or increase the range of an electrified model.

Two main fuel saving technologies have been employed in this tire. The first is Firestone’s fuel fighter sidewall technology. Here the brand uses a specific low rolling resistance compound on the sidewall to reduce drag and eek out small efficiency gains as you pile on the miles.

The second is Firestone’s fuel fighter steel cord. Here the tire makes use of a proprietary arrangement of steel cords in its internal makeup, combined with spirally-wrapped nylon to reduce the weight of the tire without impacting handling, long-term durability or tread life.

As for the more conventional aspects of a tire, the five-row tread layout here is built to deliver confident (though not quite sporty) handling dynamics and it does this job well. Wet traction is about average.

A high silica compound is used to enable wet grip while maintaining long life, though the tire could likely use some more siping to improve wet traction somewhat. Winter grip isn’t great, even for an all-season.

For a grand touring all-season tire, ride quality is mid-pack while road noise is a bit more noticeable than many (more expensive) offerings.

Finally, there’s tread life. These tires are designed to run roughy 70,000 miles on a set, though based real world user data, you should expect somewhat less than that.

Overall the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter doesn’t do any one thing particularly well – except be well-priced. It’s a decent enough touring all-season tire with moderate capabilities and should save you at the pump.

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Price

Pricing for the Champion Fuel Fighter starts at around $120 per tire and goes up to just over $120 a tire.


Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Warranty

Firestone backs the Champion Fuel Fighter with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty.

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Sizes

15-inch sizes

160inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes