Firestone Destination AT2 Review
  • Off-Road
  • On-Road
  • Tread Life
  • Year-Round Performance


One of the more affordable all-terrain tires from a mainstream brand, the Destination AT2 offers solid off-road grip with a civilized on-road ride, combined with decent tread life and true four-season performance.

Firestone Destination AT2 Review

One of the newest all-terrain tires on the market, Firestone has updated its Destination AT tire to the new Destination AT2, adding winter capability and longer life while still retaining a bargain price.


  • Improved all-terrain capability
  • Longer lasting
  • Performance that lasts over the full length of the tire
  • Now with winter capability
  • Great pricing


  • Relatively short tread life


An incredibly capable tire, the original Destination AT wasn’t really lacking in any area, but the engineers at Firestone have been busy updating their light-truck tire lineup and so we now have this more capable product.

Most notable among the improvements is a new limited treadwear warranty that now stretched to 55,000 miles, 5,000 miles more than the old tire. This is achieved in part though an improved tread compound with lower rolling resistance, which resists the sort of heat buildup that tends to wear out tires over time.

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True to its all-terrain mission, the Destination AT2 is extremely capable in all but the most extreme off-road scenarios and if it’s anything like the original AT, will last mile after mile off-road. Adding to the tire’s overall capability are more aggressive tread lugs on the tire’s shoulder to help dig in to loose ground.

Improvements have also been made for on-road use, with increased void between the tread lugs for better water evacuation. That, combined with a new sipe design helps not just prevent hydroplaning and assist in water evacuation, but it also delivers better overall wet-weather grip. As an added benefit of these new sipes, they run the full depth of the tread, meaning the tire will deliver more consistent grip and performance over the length of the tread.

Often, as tires wear, the sipes get glazed over or worn off. With full depth sipes this is less likely to happen.

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This we really appreciate. There’s nothing worse than having to swap out your tires when they have tread left, because they just aren’t performing like they used to.

On-road responsiveness is also aided by the center rib that, while heavily siped, is still one constant piece that runs the full length of the tire. This is unique among all-terrain tires and has the down-side of limiting some off-road grip. However, it makes for a much nicer highway ride.

Finally, to add one more feather in the cap of this improved off-road staple, the updated siping and new tread compound mean it’s now certified with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake logo, meaning it’s a true four-season truck tire and is, therefore, a true year-round option for those in the snow belt.

Firestone Destination AT2 Price

The Firestone Destination AT2 retails starting at approximately $122 for a 16-inch fitment and goes up to roughly $330 for a 20-inch size. Retailers may sell for less.


Firestone Destination AT2 Warranty

Like all tires in the Firestone lineup, the Destination AT2 comes with a 90 day Buy and Try guarantee. It’s also backed by the brand’s Gold Pledge Limited Warranty, protecting you against issues in materials and workmanship with a guarantee to replace the tire for free (including balancing and mounting) within the first three years of ownership or four years since the date the tire was manufactured. After that period and up to five years from the date of purchase or six years from the date of manufacture, Firestone will replace the tire on a pro-rated basis.

Improving on the 50,000 mile treadwear warranty of the original Destination AT, the new Destination AT2 comes with a 55,000 mile guarantee.

Firestone Destination AT2 Sizes

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Who Should Consider This Tire?

The Firestone Destination AT is an ideal tire for anyone with a truck or SUV who is planning to drive off-road regularly and who can benefit from its winter capability. As far as all-terrain tires go, it offers significant off-road grip while on-road driving dynamics are much better than many of the more extreme off-road-focused options.

If you rarely travel off-road, and when you do it’s only lightly, then we’d suggest a highway terrain tire like the Continental Terrain Contact HT.

How Long Does the Firestone Destination AT2 Last?

Based on the tire’s official factory tread life warranty you should expect to get up to 55,000 miles on a set, assuming proper tire rotation procedures and inflation. Improved by 5,000 miles over this tires predecessor, it’s still one of the lowest tread life warranties in the segment.