Firestone Destination XT Review
  • Off-Road
  • On-Road
  • Tread Life
  • Year-Round Performance


Designed to lot in between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain tire the Destination XT delivers. Superior off-road grip and durability are a part of this package and it does come with true winter performance and an actual tread life warrant (unlike MT tires). The drawbacks include a stiffer and louder ride, as well as some diminished on-road grip in the wet. Overall, it impresses and gets top marks.

Firestone Destination XT Review

What is sometimes referred to as a hybrid terrain tire, the Firestone Destination XT has nothing to do with a Prius.


  • Fantastic off-road grip
  • Impressive durability
  • Great snow traction
  • Surprisingly quiet


  • Mediocre wet weather on-road grip
  • Slightly stiffer ride


Instead, this tire is a cross between an all-terrain tire and a mud-terrain tire. What that really means is that it’s a more extreme all-terrain option with superior grip, better traction in loose surfaces, but it still retains some on-road civility and tire life.

In particular, the Destination XT is designed not just for half-ton pickups and SUVs, but also to withstand the heavier loads and work-loads of 3/4- and one-ton trucks. To achieve this, the internal casing is made of two steel belts wrapped in two-ply polyester cord with nylon reinforcements.

The tread patter quite aggressive, with a center section of tread that grips in all directions. The unique design of the tread blocks, similar to what you might find on a tire like the BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 is inherently more capable in loose surfaces as it can scoop dirt, mud or gravel easily. There’s also more void space than you’d find on a typical all-terrain tire, allowing it to scoop up more mud and toss it away easily.

It does come certified with the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall indicating it’s capable in true winter conditions. And it does deliver on this in the real world, with excellent grip on clear but cold roads, as well as in several inches of snow.

Additional grip on this tire comes thanks to sidewall features that add an extra amount of grip, while also serving as an added layer of protection against side punctures.

The tire structure is quite stiff to support heavier loads and the compound is also stiffer. This does impact ride quality a bit, but not significantly. On the positive side, it means that some of the wobbly ride quality you get in a mud-terrain tire has been engineered out. This stiffer tread is also more durable, allowing the tire to come with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty. That’s not up to the same level of modern all-terrain tires, but it is impressive considering the Destination XT’s capability and the fact that it’s designed for hard work on big trucks. In short, it speaks to Firestone’s confidence in this product.

If the Destination XT does have any drawback it’s one thats familiar to similar tires and many all-terrain tires too, namely, that wet weather on-road traction isn’t great.

On the flip side, one pleasant surprise is the noise volume of these tires. Aggressive tread patterns naturally produce more noise, but these are surprisingly refined. Many owners report not even hearing them.

Firestone Destination XT Price

Pricing for the Firestone Destination XT ranges from around $150 per tire for a 15-inch fitment and goes up to $350 per tire for some 20-inch sizes.


Firestone Destination XT Warranty

Firestone offers a 50,000 mile warranty on the Destination XT tire.

Like all Firestone tires it also comes backed with a standard limited warranty. The warranty is particularly impressive in that it covers a full replacement for the first three years (rather than just the first one) and then a pro-rated replacement up until five years from the data of purchase.

Firestone Destination XT Sizes

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Is the Firestone Destination XT Good in Snow?

Excellent winter traction is a definite part of the package for the Destination XT. It grips well both in frigid temperatures and in actual snow. It is certified for true winter use and wears the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on its sidewall.

What Ply is the Firestone Destination XT?

The Destination XT comes with a 2-ply sidewall like a conventional all-terrain tire, rather than a 3-ply setup found on mud-terrain tires.