Fullway HS266 Review

A performance all-season tire designed to deliver added grip for trucks and SUVs, the Fullway HS266 delivers as promised without the added cost.


  • Bargain pricing
  • Extra large sizes
  • Decent dry and wet grip


  • No tread life warranty
  • Limited selection of sizes overall
  • More road noise than premium offerings
  • Poor winter traction

Fullway is a value brand and the pricing immediately reflects that. Tires cost at least 25 percent less than the brand name alternatives.

In many respects these tires are built for aftermarket applications and are designed to deliver added performance, particularly on plus-sizes rims. Tire sizes start at 20-inches and go up from there to some absurdly large diameters. Below we’ve listed sizing as high as 28-inches, although some retailers do offer 30-inch fitments as well. Of note, the larger in size you get, the more of a bargain these tires become.

As an all-season performance truck and SUV tire, the tread pattern is designed as such. A large center tread section delivers a well-planed highway ride, as well as quick turn-in response. The wide shoulder blocks hold up reasonably well in corners, though not quite as well as the Kumho Ecsta STX KL12 or the Toyo Proxes ST III. Overall, the sticker compound, combined with the larger size blocks, delivers grip and confidence when cornering.

Grip in the wet is good, with large water evacuation channels, both running around the tire, as well as laterally. Hydroplaning is not an issue.

Winter traction is quite limited, however, despite this being an all-season tire. To be fair, all-season tires generally don’t do well in winter, but as a rule the budget options see a more dramatic drop off in performance once you get below 45 degrees. That’s definitely true here.

The tread design and siping arrangement on the blocks is designed to minimize road noise, and does a decent job, although this tire isn’t as silent as more expensive options.

Another critical component of this tire is the twin steel belt internal structure. This not only helps with high speed stability and overall handling, it also helps ensure the tire maintains its shape on large SUVs and heavy trucks, which can be particularly hard on tires – especially performance-focused ones. This also helps prolong tread life, which is important.

Unfortunately Fullway doesn’t offer any expected tread life estimate for this tire. We’d anticipate roughly 40,000 miles (on the high side) with proper maintenance. (One of the obvious down sides of a value-focused performance tire).

Fullway HS266 Price

Pricing ranges from around $130 per tire for a 20-inch fitment and goes up to over $250 a tire for the largest 28-inch sizes.

Fullway HS266 Warranty

Fullway does not offer a tread life warranty on this tire.

Fullway HS266 Sizes

20-inch sizes

22-inch sizes

24-inch sizes

26-inch sizes

28-inch sizes