Fullway HS288 Review

A performance all-season tire designed for trucks and SUVs, the Fullway HS288 is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle while still offering year-round safety. So how does it do? Let’s explore.


  • Grippy compound
  • Stable handling
  • Extra large sizes
  • Attractive pricing


  • Few sizes and odd sizes
  • No tread life warranty
  • Poor winter performance

With an extra wide center tread section, the HS288 puts a lot of rubber in contact with the road. This design gives an extremely well-planted feel, particularly at speed.

Turn-in response is decent, though not as immediate as it could be for a performance-focused tire. However, overall handling is extremely neutral and predictable thanks to all that rubber, as as well as extra thick shoulder blocks.

Of note this tire is classified as either a performance or a high performance tire, depending on the specific speed rating for each size.

The compound used is quite soft, with a 420 UTQG rating. This helps natural traction. Unfortunately it also wears quite fast. Fullway doesn’t provide a tread life warranty on the tire but we estimate 40,000 miles on a set is realistic.

The tread design is built to wear more evenly over time, helping prolong the usable life of the tire.

Wet traction is decent thanks to large circumferential grooves to force water away from the contact patch. Plus, the intricate wavy lines cut into the tread also help push water away laterally.

The ride quality is decent. With generally lower profile options ride quality is sacrificed somewhat, but anyone plus-sizing their tires should be prepared for a reduction in comfort in order to gain a performance edge.

Rolling performance nice and quiet, both at moderate speeds and on the highway. Siping and block formation on the shoulder tread section helps cancel out any natural road noise.

Winter traction isn’t great, as you’d expect with a more budget-focused performance all-season. The wavy lines in the tread do help with slush, but the overall compound loses grip quickly once it dips below 45 degrees.

Fullway HS288 Price

Pricing for the Fullway HS288 ranges from around $165 per tire up to roughly $300 per tire depending on the specific size.

Fullway HS288 Warranty

Unfortunately Fullway does not offer a tread life warranty on the HS288.

Fullway HS288 Sizes

17-inch sizes

20-inch sizes

22-inch sizes

24-inch sizes

26-inch sizes

30-inch sizes