Fury Country Hunter M/T 2 Review

Fury Tires continues to evolve as a brand and is making new strides to produce better and better tires. Once a brand known for off-road tires that were all show and no go, that is really starting to change with the new Country Hunter M/T 2.



  • Great looks
  • Much improved off-road performance
  • Great price
  • Warranty


  • Limited sizes


As for the new Country Hunter M/T 2’s characteristics, the new tread design with reduced void between the treads makes for a quieter riding tire. Interestingly, the void space near the outside of the tire is larger, allowing for excellent grip to get you through everything from mud, to loose dirt, sand and gravel.

With improvements made in the actual off-road traction, we’re perhaps most impressed that Fury was able to retain the on-road characteristics of its tires. On-road grip is decent and noise quality is low. The ride is also quite comfortable. Tread life is middle of the pack.

Fury Country Hunter M/T 2 Price

Pricing for the new Country Hunter M/T 2 is not yet available but expect it to cost a slight premium over the standard version which retails starting from $250 a tire.

Fury Country Hunter M/T 2 Warranty

We’re happy to report that with the debut of the Country Hunter M/T 2, Fury Tires has also decided to promote that it does in fact have a warranty. Historically we reported that Fury Tires may not warranty their tires because we couldn’t find any evidence of a warranty.

All fury Tires now come with a 4 year warranty. Included in that, any tires that are deemed defective based on materials or workmanship will be refunded for the first 10 percent of tread life. After that, and down to the last 25 percent tread life, Fury Tires will compensate on a pro-rated basis.

Owners must still pay for mounting, balancing as well as any other additional charges, such as taxes.

Fury Tires also backs its tires with a 30 day warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied with your tires, just return them to the original purchase location in the first 30 days or 300 miles (whichever comes first) for a full refund.


Fury Country Hunter MT Sizes



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