Fury Country Hunter RT Review

If you’re in the market for a budget-focused all-terrain tire, is the Fury brand worth checking out? Well, it depends.


  • Reasonably quiet
  • Aggressive looks
  • Great price


  • Mediocre off-road performance
  • Extremely limited size selection


For starters, the Fury Tires brand is built more for show than go. They look the part, but tend to lack in true off-road grip compared even to other budget tires. Still, they’re incredibly affordable and for those more interested in style, the trade-offs are minimal.

In other words, if you don’t really intend to take your shiny new lifted Jeep off-road, but you still want it to look the part, you’ve come to the right place.

The tire itself is aggressively designed with large open spaces between the shoulder blocks to help eject mud and keep stones from getting caught. (Stones that get caught in tire treads limit grip short term and can lead to uneven wear long term).

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Each tread block is built with sipes to help give extra grip, while the overall design is built to minimize sound – although these tires are a touch loud.

The tire casing itself is a 3-ply construction to maximize it’s ability to withstand punctures, although we should point out the sidewalls are not a 3-ply construction (as far as we know). This is important to note as sidewalls are generally the weakest part of the tire and most prone to punctures when off-roading.

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Perhaps one of the largest drawbacks with the Fury Tires County Hunter RT is the limited amount of sizes available, which is surprising considering the Country Hunter MT has such a wide variety of sizes.

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Fury Country Hunter RT Price

The Country Hunter RT starts at roughly $250 per tire for an 18-inch version.

Fury Country Hunter RT Warranty

Fury Tires does not currently list any information on warranties for its tires.

Fury Country Hunter RT Sizes