Fuzion Touring AS Review

A premium tire at a discount price, theĀ Fuzion Touring AS has its benefits, but also a few drawbacks.


  • Attractive price
  • Solid dry grip and cornering capability
  • Quiet


  • Wet and winter performance
  • Shorter tread life

As a Grand Touring all-season tire, the Fusion Touring AS is designed to deliver a luxury ride quality with a bit more grip than a standard touring tire.

The tread pattern is mostly a conventional five-row design with some unique elements. The center rib is actually split down the middle for a bit more water evacuation capability. This center section does make for better stability on the highway and more immediate turn-in response. Each of the additional tread block sections is joined up to a thin circumferential strip of rubber that helps reinforce it for added cornering grip.

These features, combined with a reasonably grippy compound (with a UTQG rating of 500) means this tire impresses in the dry, especially at the price point.

Wet weather grip isn’t as good and so if you do live somewhere with plenty of rain, we’d recommend something different. For those in drier climates, however, this is an ideal option for combining budget pricing and a luxury ride.

As for ride quality, it is impressively quiet, making this an ideal choice for most any sedan or crossover, especially if you’re hunting for some more affordable rubber for a pre-owned premium SUV.

Grip in the snow is extremely limited. While we always recommend you opt for a set of winter tires if you live somewhere colder, we’d insist on it if you opt for these.

Finally there’s the tread life. At 55,000 miles this is one of the biggest drawbacks to these tires. In this category it’s quite a short tire life. However, when you take into account the price, it’s hardly bad.

Is the Fusion Touring AS Any Good?

All said, the drawbacks to the Fuzion Touring AS are obvious and up-front. Poor wet weather grip and a shorter tread life are in many respects offset by the quiet and comfortable ride, the solid dry weather grip and that very attractive price point.

Fuzion Touring AS Price

Pricing for theĀ Fuzion Touring AS ranges from less than $75 for a smaller 15-inch sizes and goes up to over $175 for the largest 20-inch size.

Fuzion Touring AS Warranty

Fuzion backs the Touring AS with a 55,000 mile tread life warranty. It’s also covered by Fuzion’s standard limited warranty. Any tire found to be defective in either materials or workmanship can be replaced on a pro-rated basis (based on the amount of tread life left) up until the final 2/32-inch of useable tread life.

Fuzion Touring AS Sizes

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