Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Review

A premium winter tire option from Goodyear, the Ultra Grip Winter tire delivers next-level performance, especially under braking.


  • Overall winter grip
  • Stopping power on snow


  • Can be a touch loud
  • Limited sizes

Looking almost like an all-terrain tire, the Ultra Grip Winter is designed for use on pretty much all vehicles, from compact cars, to crossovers, to pickup trucks, with superior winter traction in mind.

The directional tread design not only helps push water and slush away from the tire, it works to deliver grip and stability on snow-covered roads.

Large tread locks and plenty of siping work to deliver grip under acceleration and particularly under braking (where you need it most). As a result of internal testing, Goodyear claims these tires will stop up to six-feet shorter compared to competitive tires.

A unique winter tread compound resists freezing and gives this tire excellent grip on cold, clean roads too.

The large exterior tread blocks on the tire’s shoulders serve a dual purpose. They deliver more confident and capable handling, while they also help to minimize uneven treadwear, ensuring the tires don’t wear out prematurely but last for many winters to come.

Certified as a true winter tire, it features the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on the sidewall. Plus, if you require even more grip on snow-packed roads, they are studdable as well.

Are Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tires good?

An impressive overall package, the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter comes highly regarded by owners. On TireRack it is rated 4 out of 5 stars by 146 owners, who also grade its winter performance is an 8.9 out of 10. On Goodyear’s own website 49 out of 72 reviewers gave it 5 out of 5 stars, 17 gave it 4 stars and a total of 5 reviewers gave it 3 stars or less.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Price

Pricing for the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tire ranges broadly from as low as $60 a tire for a 14-inch size all the way up to over $300 per tire for a 19-inch size.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Warranty

As a winter tire, Goodyear doesn’t offer a milage guarantee on the Ultra Grip Winter. The standard limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for the first 2/32-inch tread wear or first 12 moths, whichever comes first. Defective tires in that period will be replaced free of charge After that period, and for the first six years since purchase, defective tires will be replaced on a pro-rated basis. This applies down to the last 2/32-inch tread wear.


Is the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Studdable?

The Ultra Grip Winter tire is built to handle TSMI #12 metallic winter studs for more extreme winter grip. The tire does not come studded, but is designed to have them equipped by a qualified tire installer.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Sizes

Of note with these tires, many online retailers only offer a very limited section of sizes, while Goodyear does sell its tires online direct to consumers and, as you’d expect, offers its full lineup there. See here for details.

14-inch sizes

15-inch sizes

16-inch sizes

17-inch sizes

18-inch sizes